Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why that baby is running around NAKED

This morning was not a good morning. I was rudely awakened by Marsh who was screaming "MOMMY! MOMMY! DADDY! MOMMY! MOMMY!" and clearly jumping up and down in his crib. I rolled over in bed and said to Mike "He called for you." He smiled and said, "He wanted you first." Ugh.

So I got out of bed and went into his room. Yep, he was jumping alright. Didn't stop until I pulled him out of bed. We went into the living room, and he started playing with his cars. I went to go get ready for church.

Apparently Saturday morning I had put the shower curtain, and all of our towels into the washing machine. Apparently I had totally forgotten about them, and they had soured overnight. I had to rewash everything. Ugh.

So I found some old, barely larger than hand towels, and took a shower in Marshy's bathroom, since our shower didn't have a curtain. Then I stumbled upon a nice, normal size towel. Where was it? In Marshy's room of all places! So Mike took a shower with a nice, big, normal size towel in Marshy's bathroom. Then I filled Marshy's tub up with water and put him in it for bathtime. He had three little cars, his set of stacking cups, and a Little People boat that actually floats! I walked out into the living room for 2 seconds. Seriously, I wasn't gone all that long. All noise in the bathroom ceases and all I can hear is "Ehhhhh. Huh Huh. Ehhh." CRAP!

I ran into the bathroom, but couldn't see anything floating. I picked up his hair washing cup and started dumping water on his hair. "We're gonna hurry and get you clean before you poop in the tub again!" I vowed. Well, I spoke a little too soon because that's when I saw the floaters. EWWW!!!

I pulled Marsh out of the tub and ran down the hall, through our room and into the bathroom with him at arms length, yelling for Mike to bring me his towel. I put Marsh in our shower, the one without the shower curtain, and turned the water on. The water was too hot, then too cold, then it wouldn't switch over to just the detachable head. I was soaked. Marsh was screaming. Mike was trying to help me keep the bathroom dry. Then Marsh calmed down a little. He decided he liked the shower. In fact, he liked it so much that I actually was able to let go of his arm while I got the shampoo ready for him. Of course, I had to do everything one-handed because I was holding the shower head over him to keep him from freezing, but at least he wasn't fighting to get out.

I wrapped him in his towel and took him in the other bathroom where his clothes were. I managed to get his diaper on before he started screaming for all of his toys from the bath. Yeah, they were yucky, I wasn't giving them to him. *cringe* He wouldn't let me put his pants on. Or his shirt. Just his socks and his diaper. Then he started into the hysterics.

This is my almost naked boy hiding from me and his pants. He wanted nothing to do with his clothes. Nothing.

See? He is trying to tell me to go away while hiding from the evil mom who wouldn't give him his pooped-on toys (which went immediately into the washing machine for a heavy-duty super hot wash). Eventually he gave in to the clothes, but it still took me and Mike holding him down to get the pants on! And, the toys are all cleaned, and the bathroom is poop-free once more. Hooray!


Jillybean said...

You mean mom.

You seriously wouldn't let him play with pooped on toys?

Mean, mean mom ;0)

(I have SO been there before)

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

But did you make it to church on time?
I porbably would have bagged the whole rest of the day and went back to bed.

Bonnie the Boss said...

How rude not to let him play with poopy toys!!
Sounds like an exausting day!

Hey It's Di said...

Those tub pooping days are my favorite. One day I hope to stop pooping in my bath:)