Sunday, November 9, 2008


Remember this lovely? Well, for those of you who are just now discovering my blog, this is a refrigerator lock that I installed in August to keep Marsh out of the fridge. Well, it's done a pretty good job....... until recently.

I discovered this morning that Marsh not only know how the lock works, but he knows how to get around the lock. Yep, that's right. He is that smart.

First he tried to push the button in while pulling on the door. Fortunately our little 2 year old isn't strong enough yet. Then he decided that the easiest way would be to push up on the long side lock part until the latch was free. Oh yeah, he can easily do that. GREAT! The fridge popped open, and before I knew it he was trying to hoist a brand new gallon of milk out of the door!

THE DOOR!! He would have succeeded too, if it hadn't been for us meddlin' parents! I can't even imagine having to clean up that mess. Oh I don't want to think about it! This just means I'm going to have to pay more attention to the fridge again.

Oh, and Mike thought it would be a good idea to take the door knob covers off of Marsh's bedroom door. Umm....yeah, that's all fine and good until I take the front off the crib and turn it into a day bed. Yeah, then we'll have a little one running around the house, and either pounding on our door or trying to climb up on Mike's side of the bed (depending on whether the door is open or closed). Not sure if I really want that.

Maybe I'll hold off on the whole daybed thing. How long did you guys all wait before putting your kids in a "big boy" or "big girl" bed instead of a crib? My mom thinks we should wait until we have another baby, but at the rate that is happening Marsh will be 5...or at least 4-ish. I'm thinking that it's getting close to being time for the front to come off, but Mike isn't sure.

Marsh usually doesn't take a nap during the day anymore, so he goes to bed around 7, and usually sleeps all night unless I get him up to change him before I go to bed. But then there are those nights where he fights and kicks and screams and cries and cries and cries until we let him fall asleep on the couch watching Spongebob or Cars or Ratatouille or Baby Einstein videos. (Those aren't my favorite nights!)


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

We didn't use the crib, but we kicked them out of our bed when another baby was movin' in. I think you could leave him in the crib until he is at least three. He'll be old enough to understand things better. No rush!! The crib keeps you sane, and them safe!

Johnathan and Jannene said...
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Johnathan and Jannene said...

Well, well...will wonders never end. That little one is smart as a whip. Hmmm....wonder who he got it from?

You guys are awesome! We miss and love your family.