Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News!

First of all, thanks to everyone who offered to look for that "special" batting for me! I totally appreciate it! :) After a long night, I resolved to take a look at the hole this morning. It is reparable! YAY! I might have to patch in some excess batting from other places, but at least I can fix it. Plus, I realized that she wants it super quilted, so nothing is going to really pop up in big sections, so I don't have to worry about the seam showing as much. I actually started quilting it today (I was so scared because I'm trying some new things) and it is turning out so cute! Remember I said our computer was overheating? Found out why this morning. Mike took the case off, and blew it out with the canned air, and there was so much DUST it was disgusting! Not that our house is dirty or dusty or anything. It is because our condo complex is next to the train tracks that are next to the gravel pit that is next to the freeway (and this is the house that Jack built). The gravel pits seem to be in operation at all ungodly hours of the 6 AM and 11 PM and then of course the trains I don't need to get into. But, in the 8 months that we have lived here, the gravel pits have gone from having no piles, to having piles almost as tall as our building. SERIOUSLY.

I mentioned crappy internet connections yesterday, too. Well, Mike realized this morning that it was because XBOX Live relaunched in a super cool new form, with Netflix integrated, and so everyone and their dog was trying to get on to watch a movie or play on XBOX Live. Stupid people! Now Harry and the Hendersons is gone, and we'll have to rent it. I hate having to wait for movies to come in the mail....especially since I haven't seen the 3 we currently have because our player went out (it should be here tomorrow! YAY!)

Twilight started tonight at midnight. I didn't get to go. :( But, I don't think that my friends went either, so it's okay. I'm hoping maybe we can all go like early next week or something. That would be fun. But not after Thanksgiving. I do not want to have to go to the mall with the Black Friday crowd.

Now for some happy recollections:

This will be my third Black Friday in a row that I haven't had to work. I'd like to thank my husband for making this possible by having an awesome job that allows me to not have to work at the mall anymore. One of my nieces was saying the other day how much fun she had working at Shopko last year on Black Friday. All I could think about was working at Deb, in the mall, and having to be there at 6 AM to redo all the signage because we weren't allowed to do it on Wednesday night, and having to move things around and get everything set up for the mobs of people. And then having to make sure that no silly girls were trying to steal the panties...or try them on.... And having to deal with all of the cranky people who were standing in line waiting to be rung up because the other people ringing weren't as fast, and I was the only one who was on a register that could do returns.

(Comic found here)

But, I think my favorite was that at some point during the day a lady (who worked at Penneys, and eventually became an AM at Deb...go figure) walked into my store carrying a pair of soaking wet pants, and plopped them down on my counter wanting to return them. She hadn't read the washing instructions, which were plastered all over the pants in stickers and tags, and had thrown the specially dyed jeans in with some other clothes of non-like colors. The pants bled. Go figure! She even had the tags and stickers with her. I told her I couldn't return them in the state they were in. She got really upset and yelled at me. I held my ground. The people behind her were trying not to laugh out loud. It was quite comical. After I left that evening, she came back and tried to return them again, once she had dried them in her dryer, but my assistant (who had been standing next to me trying not to burst into tears from laughing so hard when the incident happened) told her that she couldn't take them back, and then cited reasons I had explained to the girl earlier. Oh the joys of working at the mall during the holidays.

I'm going to leave you with this, while I am still happy, because in a few moments I am seriously going to go kick a trains ..... *&$%. For those of you who need a laugh, I found this gem here. Doesn't it sound like a great game?? :) Oh, and lets take a poll. Who does their holiday shopping online, and who preferes to go to the store? Leave your answers in the comments. This should be fun! :)


Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Dont need to get trampled cause i got all my shopping done!! I get to sew on friday (jake going shooting)

dana wyzard said...

This year I took control of the reins from my husband. He gets to see his grandkids when there's something in it for them, and he always makes sure there's plenty in it for them. (and I get to do the wrapping) THIS year, I went to GAMEZONE and spent $200 on the GUITAR TOUR WITH DRUMS for their Playstation 2. he he. That should give them lots of energetic enjoyment for their parents to listen to with weeks and weeks of high def sound.

My job is done.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I worked at a toy store for 9 years of black friday, so I undersand. Although I didn't have to deal with the panty stealing. Just crazed Elmo freaks and Xbox idiots.