Friday, November 28, 2008

A Happy Thanksgiving

We had such a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. After eating lots and LOTS and LOTS of food, we all disperesed for various activities.

The kids colored Christmas ornaments, and Marshy played with Magnetix pieces.

The boys and girls gathered around the computer for some pre-Black Friday window-shopping. Some of the other boys gathered around the TV to watch the Seattle/Dallas game. Some of the others went into the basement to watch WALL-E on the home theater system.
Gabby colored a really pretty angel for their Christmas tree.
When it was time for pie, Marshy quietly sat in his chair drinking his "Coke" (it's really root beer) with his Phant and puppy. He loved the Snickers pie the best. Pumpkin was not so much a favorite.

Soon the newspaper was pulled out, and the ads spread around to everyone.
And of course, pie was present.

And what kind of Peterson family party would it be without some form or wrestling? If it isn't UFC style, then of course it better be TICKLE WRESTLING!

After the pie, families started to depart for 2nd Thanksgivings. We didn't have to go up to my parents', becase we went on Sunday, for which we were indeed thankful because we could hardly move.
Sparky was so tired he was falling asleep on Nana's lap.
Marshy, tired and grumpy, still had fun playing with his Lightning McQueen lego car.

And Sparky eventually fell asleep. It was a long, fun day, but we were glad to get home so we could pass out on the couch and watch a RedBox movie (we had a free rental code from McDonald's).

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