Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Bottle Days

So, after posting my last post, I realized that I do have something somewhat worthy of writing about. We are weaning our dear little Marshy off of the ba-ba (bottle). OH KILL ME NOW. I'm sure that it is much harder on me than it is on him, but it's rough! Today was what we call a "One bottle day". Basically, I pack the diaper bag for work with one bottle, and then a whole bunch of sippies with juice, milk, water, whatever. Then, he only gets the one ba-ba until it is bedtime at home, or naptime, depending on when we go home from work.
I don't know if you can see, my kitchen is so dark even with all the lights on, but this is a shelf in our cupboard. It is full of ba-bas and sippies and parts to broken sippies and ba-bas that we saved (the good parts, not the bad, as spares).

On Wednesday, I bought Marshy 4 new sippies. I even let him pick. He chose Cars and Spongebob over Elmo. He wanted them so much that he screamed hysterically when I handed them to the cashier to ring up, and she put them in a bag. He made it his mission to get them out of the bag so he could hold them. But do you think he will drink out of them? NO!

This is so frustrating. But, next week will be worse. Fortunately I'm not going to work on Monday or Tuesday, probably, so we can work on completely phasing out the ba-ba during the day. Wish me luck! I really hope he will start drinking juice. I only bought about 10 HUGE things of juice at the grocery store this week. It's not like I'm swimming in juice or anything. It's not like I'd like to stop spending tons of money on 7 gallons of milk a week (this week I only bought 5, and I hope we make it!).

In other baby training topics.....Marshy has learned to open the refrigerator, and has discovered how much fun it can be. Especially carrying around the milk or juice or terryaki sauce. It is especially handy for baby when he decided he needs a ba-ba. Oh dear! He just helps himself to the milk. We haven't had any spills yet, thankfully, but I was so sick of having to keep yelling "GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE!" "DON'T CLIMB IN THERE!" "LEAVE THE TERRYAKI SAUCE ON THE SHELF!" Seriously....all of these have come out of my mouth at some point this last week.

So, today Marshy and I took a trip to Babies-R-Us. They have a HUGE safety aisle....okay, it isn't that big, but it is bigger than Walmart's. They had several options for fridge locks. Mike was worried we were going to have to drill into the fridge, since it isn't ours, and we wouldn't be able to get a lock. But we were lucky! Apparently the new fad in baby safety is 3M sticky foam tape. This is quite nice for us renters, who don't want to go drilling into cabinets or refrigerators. We bought a great latch, and it was only $2.00! (see photo below). Now, I can't wait for Marshy to try to get into the fridge! I'm sure he will be so confused, but it will help keep the peace and save my vocal chords, so it will be worth it.
Now, if only I had paid the $16.00 for the toilet lock......


Gina said...

Gemma hated the sippies. She went straight to (plastic) cups. we had quite a few mishaps but she was a lot happier drinking from them than sippies.
Give them a try, you never know. Just be prepared for a wet child when they miss the mouth

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Faith said...

Good luck with the transition from bottle to sippy. We are currently trying the transition from crib to toddler bed.

PS-The house I wish we could buy is in the same cul-de-sac as the Richardsens, Sumners, Crafts, Gordons, and Croshaws. Don't you guys own a lot here in Salem?

Busty LaRue said...

I can't imagine what it's going to be like when we take the side off the crib! Good luck with that Faith!

Yes, we have a lot over by the Petersons.