Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wind, Heat, Happiness and Disappointment

Today was hot. Not just warm, but above 70 degrees and stifling hot. On top of that, it is very windy where I live. You'd think the wind would make it cooler, but you would be wrong. it was still hot. And, it was so windy that the trees outside our apartment building were almost bent in half. Wind and Hot. I hate it.

Our knob for our washing machine came today. I was surprised, because it was a day early. But I didn't mind. Mike put it on the washer while I was at work. Then he called me. The call went something like this:
"Hi! Your knob came today!"
"What knob?"
"The washing machine knob. I put it on, and now the washer looks all old and crappy because the other knobs look really bad"
"Oh, yeah? Cool"
"Okay, I'm gonna go watch Judge Judy now. Just thought I'd let you know. See you later!"

That is why I am happy. I did a load of laundry tonight, and I didn't have to struggle to turn the washer on. I turned the knob to the cycle I wanted, and pulled it out to start the load. Aaaah. It was nice.

As for the disappointment today....I got another phone call from Mike while I was at work. It went something like this:
"Hi! Your slipcovers for the couches came. I opened them and they are hideous."
"Yeah, they are lime green and they don't fit."
"Really? Shoot! Are you sure they are lime green? They are supposed to be sage."
"Yeah, they're lime green. And they look like a couch that my grandma would have in her living room. It is butt ugly."
"Shoot. I'm sorry."
"It's okay. Just call tomorrow and get an RMA. And we won't worry about new slipcovers. I'm okay with the ones we have now."

I got home, and he had left the slipcovers on the love seat and the folding chair. The folding chair was awful! It didn't fit at all! If I had tried to sit down, it would have definitely ripped!! As for the loveseat, it was AWFUL. Not quite lime green, but more of a bright yellow-kelly green. With the most hideous floral pattern I have ever seen. The website picture led me astray. I am so sad. And he was right, they don't fit at all. Apparently we don't have conventional t-cushion couches. I re-packed the box, and am calling first thing tomorrow for a return merchandise authorization. UGH! I was so excited for them too! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to watch for unconventional t-cushion couch slipcovers. Or save up our money to make our own. Or just buy new couches in a couple of years. We'll see. (I was going to take a picture of the slipcovers, but I forgot until after I had repackaged everything into the box! Sorry all!)


Kathi D said...

Well, dang! I was hoping for a rosy report on the slipcovers!

Neil said...

Maybe we can take a pattern off from the ones that are on them when I get home to help you. Then you can pick out the material you really want. New couch would be nice, too. MUM