Monday, April 21, 2008

Me vs. The World

Today must be "everyone go out of your way to make life hard for Busty" Day. I had today all planned out. It was going to be an uneventful day full of grocery shopping, housework, and sewing. Looks like what I had planned doesn't matter.

Round ONE:

I was almost out of gas. I started to drive down 900 W toward 300 S. I missed my turn. At 400 S I realized I had missed my turn at 300 S, flipped my blinker on and turned left. Then, at 700 W I came to a stop at a stop sign. I flipped my blinker on. Marshy-marsh was crying because he had thrown his ball up into the back window and couldn't reach it. I leaned back and pulled it out of the window. That is when I noticed the squad car. Now that there was someone behind me at the stop sign, and no oncoming traffic, I figured I should probably hurry and turn. Well, as soon as I turned the squad car flipped his lights on.

OH CRAP!! I was getting pulled over! For what? Not putting my seatbelt on? Did I go too fast past a school? What did I do?

Officer walks up to my car. I roll down the window. The following is our conversation. Please note: all sarcasm (in italics) is strictly editorial, as I was a perfectly compliant citizen.

officer: Where you headed today?
me: the gas station, 7-11 over on 3rd.
officer: Why you going to the gas station?
me: For gas. What else is there to get at a gas station, you moron!
officer: oh.
me: Gas up where I live, off the center street exit, tends to be a lot more expensive than it is over here.
officer: well I'm going to need to see your license, registration, and proof of insurance.
me: okay.

I dig through the glove box looking for the registration, and hand it all to him. He looks over everything.
officer: Who is Michelle?
me: Oh! That's my husband, Michael. How in the world do you get Michelle from Michael? What are you? Dumb?!
officer: okay, well just sit tight.

20 minutes later, officer walks back up to the car and hands me my paperwork.
officer: well, do you know why I stopped you?
me: I have no idea actually.
officer: well, back when you turned onto 4th your blinker was on but it wasn't on for 3 seconds before you turned.
me: oh no!
officer: And then back here at the stop sign, your blinker was on but you were stopped next to the sign, not behind it.
me: oh shoot. You have got to be kidding me. You pulled me over for technicalities? It must be a slow month for the Provo PD.
officer: both of these are citable.
me: okay
officer: But I'm not going to cite you today.
me: Thank you so much!
officer: Just be careful and make sure you stop behind the stop signs and your blinker is on for at least 3 seconds before you turn.
me: Yes sir. I will. And thank you. Honestly, he was crying and I was just trying to get him to stop, so I didn't even realize. Thank you so much.
officer: have a good day now.

I drove off. Honestly, I can't believe that he pulled me over! What a jerk! My dad agreed with me when I called and told him the story. He also agreed with me that had I actually been ticketed, I would have had to fight the ticket in court because that was ridiculous.

Mike, however, when told the story said "Well, you do fit the meth addict profile. He was probably looking for probable cause to pull you over after he saw you reach back into the back seat. I bet he thought you were stashing something."

GREAT! Now I kind of know how the Arab people feel. They get profiled a lot at the airport, I'm told. I guess I'll be profiled in this area of town for being a meth user. Good thing I did my hair, makeup, and was wearing a really cute outfit. I'm pretty sure that if that was the reason, the officer realized I wasn't a user as soon as he saw me. No meth mouth, no scratch marks, cute outfit....Pretty sure meth users don't have money to spend on nice clothes if they're blowing it all on meth.

Round TWO:

I went grocery shopping at Wal-mart today. I had all my groceries, I got through checkout, had them all bagged and in the cart, and the check all written out. Now, Mike hasn't officially added me to his bank account because you have to actually go inside with the person, you can't just call it in, during business hours, which is when he works. Kind of dumb. However, since we have several other accounts together, Equifax always approves my ID with his checks. Well, Wal-mart uses the electronic check thing-a-ma-jig, so they have NEVER asked me for ID. Not even when they didn't use electronic check!

Well, I hand the cashier the check.
cashier: Who is Michael
me: That's my husband.
cashier: Well do you have his ID?
me: No, but I have mine. All the information matches.
cashier: Well I can't take this without his ID.
lady behind me: Good for you!
me: Are you kidding? They have never asked me for ID before.
cashier: Then they're not doing their job.
lady behing me: Good for you! You're supposed to ask for ID you know.
me: but don't you do electronic checking? I mean, I'm on the account, and my ID will work with it, we just haven't ordered new checks yet.
cashier: I'm sorry, I'm going to have to get management approval for this. I'm not supposed to take it.
me: Listen. None of your other stores ask for ID. I have been to Payson, Springville, and here, and they have NEVER asked me for my ID.
cashier: Well I'm just doing my job, and they aren't. I'll make sure to bring it up in our meeting this afternoon. Besides, I'm really paranoid because I was the victim of identity theft last year and I lost $7000 in tax money.
me: blah blah blah shut up! But if you look at my ID, I mean my address matches, and my last name is the same!
cashier: Well there are lots of people with the same last name in the world.
me: but the address is the same!
cashier: That doesn't matter. Hey *manager* I have a question.
lady behind me: You really shouldn't write checks that don't have your name on it.
me: shut up and mind your own business lady!

manager walks over. She is an older lady, and looks like she might be willing to hear my side of the case.
cashier: She has her husband's check and his signature is on it, but he isn't here with her.
manager: Does she have her ID?
me: Yes, see! And all the information matches!
manager: Then take her check!
cashier: Oh, okay.

I sign the electronic check receipt, get my check back and my receipt and go to leave. The manager walks up to me and smiles.
manager: I just wanted to let you know that you were totally right.
me: Thank you! I knew you didn't normally ask for ID because I've been to Payson and Springville and here a lot and no one has EVER asked for my ID.
manager: If I had been in your situation, I would've been so burning mad! If I had my husband's check there's no way they aren't letting me use it!
me: Thank you so much!
manager: Just wanted to let you know that's not our policy, it's just the cashier.
me: Thank you!

So, I guess that turned out okay. But honestly, something that everyone else just accepts made me stand in line for an extra 10 minutes!

I can't wait to see what Round THREE will be!!


Neil said...

Oh you poor thing....I feel so sorry for had such a bad day...hope things are uphill from just don't deserve being treated like that...couldn't they just look at you and tell you are such an honest and trustworthy girl? You sure kept your cool..I'm proud of you..MUM

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oy aren't some days like that. What awful luck. My dad was a policeman and all his life he tried to be kind to people. He even drove people home that he suspected had been drinking and gave them to their wives. Now I know thats not politically correct but my dad would give them a tongue lashing and their wives would too. I tell people what a kind man my dad was as a cop and some people are outraged. Seriously. They had to promote him because he was too nice to people and get him off the beat and into the office. I think too many men/women go into law enforcement because of a power thing. My dad said he took both police and mail handlers civil service tests and he was offered the police officer job first and he took it. Now this is the very old days, they do things differently now but now much better is society? I don't know. I think many cops are jerks and your cop in Provo was a jerk. Period. Walmart clerks are generally not the kind of people I would hang with so I'll let that alone. Now I'm sure I'll get emails from people who read this comment. haha

Anyway, try now to have a nice day.

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I have learned that Walmart has a random ask for your Id day that they only do like once a trimester and I hate it I have shopped there my whole life and there have been very rare occasions where they have asked of my Id. sorry that you are having one of those days where you wish you would have just stayed in bed.

kathi d said...

Gosh, I had no idea you were a meth addict. I guess that explains why you got so mad at that cashier for just doing her job.

Lola said...

Heeee heeeee heeeeee!!! Look on the bright side.....uhhhhhhhh you could have 6 kids!!!

Look at for T-cushion slip covers! They have them!!

Busty LaRue said...

Thank you all so much! I am so glad to see that I am not the only person who thinks that the cop was a jerk! Nanette, I wish there were more cops like your dad. It sounds like he was a stand-up guy when he was on the force.

Lyns, I definitely should've stayed in bed!

Lola, you are so right! I could've had six kids in the car. That definitely would've gotten me pulled over though since there are only 4 seats! haha. Thanks for the site referral, too. I ordered the cutest slipcovers tonight. So excited!!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Ok The picture of you and Mike was taken at Jases birthday party the halloween suprise one. you had just had marshy like a few weeks before he was so tiny. it is the only picture I have recorded of Mike