Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I Learned Today

Today I learned a lot. Not from watching an educational program or reading a book or an article on the internet. I learned this new knowledge from my 18 month old. Here is what I learned:

1) "No" mostly means "Yes"... example: mom: "Are you having fun?" Marshy: "No" said with a big smile.

2) Mom is a couch, chair, toy box, and basically something to jump on.

3) anything with 4 wheels, or anything that will fit on the race track, is a "wee-ooo" (emergency vehicle siren noise)

4) if Dad is laying on the couch then there MUST be something cool outside the window, like a choo choo

5) Baby may be tired, but he really isn't. Even if he does act like he's going to go to sleep, it's all a charade.

6) Balls are not the only thing that can go down the ball tube. If it is circular, pretty sure you can find it jammed down there.

He's pretty smart, isn't he? I always knew he was!


kathi d said...

Obviously the child is a genius. I hope you are giving him a properly rich learning environment. Genius must be nurtured.

Lola said...

You forgot one--If Mom won't let you off of her lap (so that you can wreak havoc in the church) poke her in the eye....and run AMOK!

Hey It's Di said...

If he wraps his legs around Aunt Di when she is trying to put his lard butt down, he wants her to continue to break her whimpy arms to hold him.

Neil said...

Oh, Marshy, the wonder child...just wait till Grandma gets hold of him. I hope he likes the duckies at the pond....MUM