Saturday, April 26, 2008

What I Did Today

Today was the prom. I work at a floral. This means that there were 120+ kids picking up their prom flowers....which are really just a nice gesture, not necessarily an accessory that has to match perfectly. Apparently some people don't get that. I had one lady who complained a lot. First because we forgot to put in the purple accents. Then, because the purple accents were too dark. Like it's even going to matter! The girl's dress was silver and cream!

Another lady called at 10:30...."Do you have any extra flowers? We ordered one from somewhere else and it is awful." I sold her the last one we had....light pink with silver ribbon. It, luckily, even matched her date's flowers for her (he happened to order them from us). When she came to get it, at 1:45 (we close at 2), she was mad because "her dress is hot pink and this just isn't going to match". First of all, it's a bout. She doesn't wear it, he does. His tux was black. It isn't going to matter. Secondly, it matches what he got for her. I had told her this several times. She ended up deciding it was okay and took it with her.

At about 2:30, we finally got all of the prom flowers picked up, and we were able to leave. YAY!! We went down to do some cleaning at Mike's parents' house.

This is the new color of paint we've painted on the walls. We took the wallpaper off and have repainted the living room. We put the picture, which has what we thought was a white frame until we put it next to the wall, up so it could have some contrast. The wall used to be the color of the mat in the frame, actually. The new color is really nice.


kathi d said...

I compliment you for not hauling off and SMACKING someone today!

Busty LaRue said...

Thanks! I really felt like it at times.

Neil said...

Glad I'm not coming home until AFTER allt he flowers are done for the season...Yipee...Summer Off!! Love that color. Does it make the carpet look dirty to have the nice clean painted walls? smiling...smiling....MUM