Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mission Successful

I wasn't able to get everything I wanted to clean cleaned yesterday. But the house actually looks like people have been living here for quite a while (except that we're missins some important furniture, which we are getting subsitutes for today). The kitchen is clean, there are no more boxes laying around. Things are organized. Bathrooms are cleaned. Floors have been vacuumed. I have to say that I am now quite content. The blinds and window may still be dirty, but I can live with that for a few minutes, or until Monday when I'll have more energy.

My parents are bringing us a folding table, four chairs, and a piano today. Then they're going to help us bring up Marshall's dresser from Salem. They'll be here pretty soon, so I'd better go finish cleaning. Plus, Mike is making homemade fettucini. I've gotta go clean up his mess!

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kathi d said...

Girl, let's not talk about dirty windows. You will make me feel guilty here in a minute.