Friday, April 18, 2008

WHEW! What a day it has been!

So, starting last night, I decided to see how much of my project list I could actually get done this weekend. I've quite surprised myself at how much I can accomplish once I set my mind to it. First of all, one of my projects has been cancelled, which makes things a little less hectic for me.

I decided to start on Chelsey's quilt. She is a "friend" of ours, and she just had a baby girl in February. I know, I know, I'm way late with the whole baby quilt thing. I'm trying at least, that should count for something, right?! Anyway, I had half of the blocks sewn together. It really wasn't a difficult quilt. It's a nine patch that you cut apart, rearrange, and sew back together. It looks really cute when it's done. One of my clients brought me the pattern, and I thought I'd try it.

Well, due to a cutting miscalculation, which tends to happen a lot when I am cutting late at night. Just ask Mike or Angel's son Jase, I ended up cutting my nine patch down to 11 inches, I cut it down to 10 1/2, which is what it ends up at once you've sewn it back together. OOPS! Well, I decided to make half of the blocks nine patches, and half the sewn back together nine patches. It actually turned out pretty cool looking, I think.

It kind of looks like it was one of those really hard and tricky quilts to put together, but in reality, it was really easy!
This is a close up. The backing fabric is a really pretty dark purple with cream colored stars all over. I just bought the binding today, and it is SO CUTE! It is a hot pink with dragonflies! I'm so excited to quilt this one and get it bound. It will be so cute when it's done. Don't worry, I'll include pictures! :)

The other progress I've made is that I have completely cut and sewn the quilt I'm making for my Aunt Judy. She and her husband, Tom, just adopted a 2 year old baby boy from Guatemala. I guess it has been a trial to get him home, but they finally have him. He may be 2, but he is still getting a quilt! It is cute, too. I used bright colors with fun patterns. I found the backing and binding fabric today, and I absolutely LOVE it. I will have pictures tomorrow probably, when the quilt top is all sewn together and the back is seamed.

In other news...I spent WAY too much money at the fabric store. I just kept finding fun things and cute fabrics! The girl at the cutting counter looked like she was about to die when I handed her the muslin I wanted and told her 9 yards. "9 yards? Are you sure?" she asked. "Yep!" I smiled back. She had to remeasure three times before she got it right and dared cut it. I felt really bad. Plus I had about 10 other things of fabric I needed cut. She was probably wondering why she got stuck with the "demanding" lady with all the fabric. (I was demanding because I needed exactly three yards of this one fabric, and despite her efforts to try and sell me all 2 3/4 yards of it, I would have none. I used a different fabric instead. I don't think she was too happy with me.) Oh well. Joann's Fabrics in Orem sure will have lots of business from me now that I am making aprons and quilts and slipcovers and pillows and curtains and all other sorts of crafty crap that I probably don't need! hahahaha

More updates later! For now, it's time to go cut or sew something!


Neil said...

Sooooooo....are you and Mike both going to take the quilt to your "friend"? Sounds like an adventure to me. Are you going to line Marshy and the new baby girl up when they get old enough to date? hahaha MUM

Busty LaRue said...

hahaha! NO, I think we'll just mail it to her! We are trying to be friendly though. All of our friends moved away, so we are in need of couples with kids to hang out with.

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Jake and I are a couple with kids and I havent dated your husband. and I will be back from Idaho soon.

Busty LaRue said...

Lyns, I'm glad you have never dated my husband...since he's your UNCLE! Ewww!!