Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marvellous Mike

Don't you just love this picture?? This is Mike. At our wedding. Eating food. It makes me laugh.
I am married to Marvellous Mike. He is marvellous for many reasons. I think lately his marvellousness has stood out a bit more than normal. I'm sure it's because of our apartment.

We like our apartment, but we wish there were some things we would've been told before we signed the, the fact that all of the carpets smell like cat urine (YUCK!)... or that the lady who lived here before us NEVER cleaned her lint trap.... or that she never cleaned the blinds and that she didn't use a level when hanging the curtain rods or that she had totally messed up the vertical blinds in the master bedroom...... or that she left the laundry closet smelling of mold, mildew, and icky broccoli (Mike says he didn't think it smelled like broccoli, but it did.).

Mike is marvellous because he has tried to fix all of these problems....well, as many as he could. Where the blinds are concerned, well, I cleaned them. As for the curtain rods, we are dealing with crooked curtains. He really has been amaz-a-zing. The washing machine knob was broken off (you know, the part you push in to turn and then pull out to start the cycle) and he got online and found it and ordered it. It will be here on Thursday. The washing machine smelled like nasty mold. He fixed it with a little bleach, hot water, and vinegar (added in a way so as to not produce chlorine gas and kill us all). The dryer was disgustingly full of landlady's lint....EWWW! He tore the dryer apart... TWICE .... to fix it (the second time because I asked him to!) The laundry closet drain smelled awful...awful enough you had to take a deep breath and hold it as you walked down the hall. He moved the appliances and took care of it (he poured a pitcher of water down the drain....smell is gone!) The carpets we can't really do a whole lot about, but he did buy us a really awesome Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Duo last year that will help a little.

Isn't he great?? I haven't told you the most marvellous-est part. Are you ready? You should probably sit down to read this, as it will be quite the shocker.

This morning, at like 5 AM when he was getting ready to leave for Logan so he could do his "Can you hear me now?" tests, Marshy-marsh woke up and was crying for a bottle. Due to the fact that I was totally passed out asleep and dreaming of warmer climates, and the fact that the humidifier in our room was turned all the way up (it is quite loud and does a really good job of drowning out the trains and everything else, including Marshy, at night), I didn't hear Marshy's cries for ba-ba (bottle). Mike GOT HIM A BOTTLE! How freaking marvellous is he?? HE IS MARVELLOUS! AND! He let me sleep in. Usually he calls at 8 saying "wake up wake up wake up!" but today he didn't call until which time I was already up and in the shower, but still....I got to sleep in.

And this is why I am married to Marvellous Mike, and why Marvellous Mike is truly MARVELLOUS.

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Neil said...

I think you are right!! He is really Marvelous...and Cute...and Squishy...and Funny...and a really good fixer upper guy. You are soooo lucky. I can't imagine where he learned to be so wonderful? It must be genetic or something. MUM