Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Quilter's Progress...or lack thereof

It's been so long, it seems, since I've quilted. Not quilted on the machine, but actually cut out fabric and sewn it together to make a quilt top. I didn't really know how much I missed it until today. Even now, as I sit up well past my bedtime waiting for Marshy-marsh to finish his bottle so I don't have to wake up to a screaming baby who woke up to being soaking wet from falling asleep on his bottle, I wish I could quilt. If only the machine didn't make so much noise. If only it wasn't 12:15 AM. If only I didn't have to work all day tomorrow. If only Mike didn't have to go in to the office. But for all of these "if only"-ies, I would be quilting right now. You laugh. But it's true. Last August/September I stayed up all night (until 4) one night when Mike was out of town working on Marshy-marsh's halloween costume. It was so worth it!

This was the best picture I could find without scanning in his pictures from JCPenney. It doesn't have the adorable hat, but just imagine it with a little dinosaur hat. SO CUTE!! *note: when I made the costume, I thought I was making a dragon. Turns out dragons have wings....thus, he went as a dinosaur.*

Anyway, I would stay up all night, if I could, quilting. Even though my quilting station is not ideal, I would do it. I am currently using my counter as my sewing machine stand. I tried the folding table yesterday. That screwed my poor little Janome up so bad that it took me until about 1 PM this afternoon to fix it. It's all better now, thankfully. I really was quite close to throwing it out the window. And, living on the third floor, I can tell you it wouldn't have survived the fall.

I have made quite a bit of progress on my cousin's quilt! I'm so excited! I got almost all the pieces cut out (i'm working on the setting squares and triangles still). I even got most of the blocks sewn together. 108 little rectangles, and 72 half square triangles later, I have quite a bit sewn together.

This is kind of the layout of the blocks. Imagine the purple and tan along all four sides, instead of just the two, and you basically have what the block will look like.

This lovely green floral print is the fabric for the setting squares and triangles. I have the strips mostly cut out, but haven't actually cut out the rest of it yet.

This is a sampling of the other fabrics I'm using. The one in the middle that looks like a salmon in this picture is actually a really pretty tan.

This is the backing fabric. It matches both colors of lilac in the quilt top fabric, and also the darker of the pinks. It has a slight hint of green as well. I loved it when I saw it at the store today, so I just had to get it. Well, that and I needed it!

I would be a lot farther, except that Mike figured out how to hook the laptop up to the TV through the computer sound system we bought for the jukebox, and now he watches the Netflix instant view movies all the time. Currently we are watching Dexter. It's so interesting, and it pulls you in even if you don't want to be pulled in! I missed the first 5 episodes, yet I still am enthralled and want to know what happens! AAHH!! (For those of you who would like to see this Showtime original in its edited form, you can catch it Sundays on CBS, I believe).

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