Wednesday, April 23, 2008

America, You got it WRONG!

UGH! This season of American Idol is reminding me so much of last season with Sanjaya. Why does America put some of the best singers in the bottom two, yet keep the crappy ones??? What the HECK!!

I used to like Brooke, until she started sucking EVERY week. As for Jason, I understand that he has those dreamy eyes and nasty dreadlocks, but he has not been very good recently. As for David A., I am very glad that he has stepped it up and is being a little more consistent. David C. is AWESOME! I don't think he's done a song that I've hated, yet. Syesha had her best performance on Tuesday. She really was in her element, and the performance was definitely sexier than we've seen before. Carly did really well too! Why??? WHY??! WHY?!!

America, attention to the judges. When all 3 judges say "That was a good performance" then you should vote for those people. When Paula says to never start and stop and start over, that is a bad sign. Paula is always ALWAYS nice and positive. I don't think I've ever seen her act quite like she did Tuesday night. As for Simon, he is usually right.....especially when it comes to telling if you are in the performance or not. Jason was NOT. I couldn't stand to listen to his performance, and changed the channel. I opted to watch re-runs of 8 Simple Rules on ABC Family instead of his performance.

Okay, I'll stop talking about Idol now. I just hope that America gets it right next week. Brooke or Jason have to go....unless they step it up BIG TIME. Especially Brooke...Jason at least has done more good performances than she has. Well....we'll see what happens.


Melanie said...

Hey Joanna! It's Melanie McGee from junior high / high school. I'm so glad I found your blog. I think I found it through Jenny's. Hope you don't mind.

Your son is so cute. It looks like your family is doing well and happy. Feel free to take a look at my family blog

Molly said...

So I have to give my opinion of how to vote on American Idol. At this point in the competition, I don't think you should get to stay because you had one good week. There is enough history to vote on the past as well. I am with you on Jason though. He has only had like two good performances, so I say he has to go. His hair makes me want to vomit.

kathi d said...

I was totally surprised! And it looked like Brooke herself was shocked.