Friday, April 25, 2008

Benefit Concert and other STRANGE news

Tonight was the benefit concert, in memory of Colton. It was put on by some of the bands from the local high school, and was actually pretty good. I don't usually listen to umm...punk/ska/metal/techno music. We didn't stay the whole time, because my parents were babysitting, and we didn't want them to be out too late as they live half an hour away. We did manage to listen to three of the four bands, and I have to say that my favorite was the third band. Good job boys! It's kind of what I imagine a techno-club would play, but it was really kind of catchy and had a good beat to it. It was fun to see how many of the high school kids came out to hear the bands. One of the friends, Kyle, even got up and sang a song. It was AWESOME! And then, towards the end, he ripped his shirt off.... pretty hilarious.

Elsewhere, in the world of STRANGENESS:

Watching the local news tonight, we were informed that actor Gary Coleman would be on Divorce Court May 1st and 2nd. Oooh! I usually don't watch it, because it makes me sad that people can't find ways to get over there own selfishness and pettiness and be a good marital team. BUT! I think I could make an exception. I've seen snipets, and I know that Judge Toler does not tolerate any crap. She is like a mixture between Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown (who is my favorite, BTW...he is HILARIOUS!). Anyway, if you want to see Mr. Coleman on Divorce Court, it'll be on the Fox network on May 1st and 2nd, according to my local news....I suggest you check your local listings for accuracy, however.

Also from the world of STRANGENESS:

A teenager (16) was arrested for using a fake ID to work at a local strip club as an exotic dancer. Now, who in their right mind, especially a 16 year old, is saying to themselves "I'm underage but gosh it would sure be swell if I could work at that strip club!" And what was she telling her parents?? And did her parents even care?! Now, the town she is from is a little off...I have worked there and a lot of the girls that I met were kind of umm.....trying to be polite but can't find the words..... skanky? I know that's no excuse, but she is just making it easier for us to stereotype this poor city. Anyway, I feel bad for the girl's family if they didn't know what she was up to. Also, I hope that maybe she can get her life straightened out and aspire to something a little finishing high school for starters. If you'd like to read the story you can find it here.

In a related news story from the world of STRANGENESS:

The reporter who broke the story above also interviewed several police departments across the county. None had ever encountered the above mentioned use of a fake ID, but one had said that someone wanted to join the army so bad that they used a fake ID. Now that is PATRIOTISM!

More interesting news from the world of STRANGENESS:

Did you hear about the shark attack?! Holy CRAP! Yeah, this is definitely why I do not swim in the ocean. Sharks and Jellyfish and Stingrays. Yep. And seaweed, because it feels gross on my legs and I can never tell if it's seaweed or something else. So yeah, now I'm definitely not going into the ocean for another few years.....or maybe NEVER. We'll see what happens.

And the final tidbit of news from the world of STRANGENESS:

Alli (that semi-new diet drug that is supposed to help you loose weight when paired properly with diet and exercise) is being studied. Some studies have shown that one of the active drugs in Alli could maybe possibly be linked to cancer. The news article said that people will have to start weighing the risks. "Do I get cancer because I am obese, or do I risk getting cancer because I take this drug?" The report said that the FDA thinks that there is not enough evidence yet to support the linkage to cancer theory. Well! I will just say that in addition to the frequent trips to the bathroom, and risk of oily discharge should your fat intake be too high, I don't really think I want to add cancer to the list. I think if I do decide to take a diet pill I will take that one with the cartoon/stick figure lady on the ad. Oh! And the link to the news story is for Part was a 2 part story, and I'm pretty sure you can link to part 1 from the site, but just in case you can't, you can watch it here.


Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Jo thanks for posting something about the concert I cryed last night because I could not be there. And about his cell phone, Thanks for the suggestion but I dont think that my mom is ready to start closing his accounts and letting things go. or I guess I am the one who is not ready to start dividing all of his stuff up. but thanks anyway.

Lola said...

I am totally freaked out by the shark attack story!
I'm not even going in the pool anymore!!! yikes!

petersons said...

I won't ever do the diet pills. Too risky. I'd rather be fat and see if that kills me first.

Neil said...

Hmmmmm...I think I'll us the shark story to not have to put on my swimsuit again, too....

About the get oily what? where? Ooooooo....MUM

kathi d said...

How great that the kids did a concert for Colton! I'll bet he was watching!

Didn't Gary Coleman JUST get married? I thought I saw him on some show with his new bride. What a bunch of lunatics!uau