Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just call me CRAZY!

So today I went crazy. Crazy for quilting. Well, maybe not so much for quilting as from quilting. You see, I found out last night that the bridal shower on Saturday (yes, tomorrow, or rather, today, I guess) that I had said I was not going to, I was apparently going to. My mom called me and said they would be picking me up at 10 AM. This of course stressed me out beyond all else as the quilt I was making for my cousin was nowhere near completion. Well, that is what I spent today doing. QUILTING. Ugh! I am taking a break for a few days now. Everyone else's quilts can wait while I de-stressify myself.

This is the inner section of the quilt top, before the borders got put on. The hardest part was now complete, at about 11 AM Friday morning.
A close up of the blocks. They turned out really well. They look hard, but they really weren't. The hardest part was lining up the borders with the "nine patch" part.
The quilt top after all of the borders were attached. This was finished around 1:30 PM Friday afternoon. Marshy-marsh was running around the living room, Mike had just gotten home from work, and I was hurriedly trying to seam the backing fabric so I could run down to the shop to quilt it.

I did something stupid. When I told Mike his reply was "Well that's to be expected." Rude! True, but rude! haha. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to show off a little, even though I didn't have a whole lot of time to spend quilting this quilt. So, I decided to quilt the biggest border with the tiniest dang meander I have ever done in my life. Three hours later....the quilt was finally quilted. This was finished around 6 PM Friday evening.

By 1 AM Saturday morning, the quilt was complete. FINALLY! I did a tiny meander in the large outer border. Note: The border is about 6 inches wide. The perimeter of the quilt is about 180 inches. You do the math. That is a lot of dang little stitches. I am never doing a meander that small again. NEVER! I outlined the rest of the borders with squiggly lines, and outlined the blocks with the same squiggles.
Inside the blocks I attempted a new leaf pattern. If you know they are leaves, then it looks like leaves, but I'm sure to everyone else it just looks like a flower. Either way, it goes with the theme of the quilt.
In the green setting squares and triangles I quilted a tulip pattern. You can kind of see it here. I used a really pretty creamish-tan thread to quilt it, so it doesn't really show up too well because it is so light.
This is the backing with the binding. The corners are a little challenged. I suck at doing corners. But at least the look okay. Why is it that when I'm giving a quilt away the corners have issues, but when I do one for myself the corners are perfect? Figures.
Anyway, this is why my day was crazy. Here I have been up for almost 18 hours, and the quilt still isn't wrapped. I forgot to grab a box while I was at the shop quilting, so I am going to just have to wrap it in the wrapping paper. At least I had extra wedding-themed wrapping paper! I also forgot to grab a card, so I had to make my own. Ugh! What a day! What a day! I am ready for bed.


Lola said...

You did it! It looks so good!! You should be proud, and your cousin will love it, and it will make everyone jealous of your talent!

Neil said...

What a great job. I can't believe you did it all in one day. Your Mom and cousin will love it too. I want some of that little meander! MUM

Ringmaster said...

Oh, i have not finished anything in so long. I am so jealous. It is darling! I am sure she loved it.