Sunday, April 27, 2008

Impatiently Waiting

Have you ever ordered something online, and then discovered that it had online shipment tracking? That is my favorite part of the whole ordering process, next to actually receiving the merchandise. Whether it is UPS, Fedex, or DHL, I love checking my order status. Sometimes I get anxious and I check it several times a day. I used to check the USPS tracking, but they only update it once it is picked up and once it is recieved. I figure, if I have it I'm pretty sure I know it's here! The only thing that drives me crazy is when the delivery company takes a route that doesn't make sense. Like, why drive from Missouri up to Wisconsin? I live west of Missouri, not north!

Well, this week is going to be a fun one, what with all the fun stuff we have coming to our house! Okay, okay, so the order (diapers in bulk at a great discount, plus free shipping when you order over $49.00! Use referral code: JXPE6842) that should be arriving tomorrow isn't exactly "fun", but it's coming in a big box....and that big box can sure be used for some fun!

Also, my slip covers for my couches and dining room chairs should be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday. I bet you are asking yourselves: "What? You aren't going to make your own slipcovers like you said?" Well, no. I weighed the cost (about $600 for materials) and time (probably around 2 weeks if I sew uninterrupted, which we all know won't happen) and effort (lots and lots of effort as I am new to the upholstery game) and frustration (TONS and TONS) and number of curse words that would probably leave my lips (I would say at least 5 with a probability of more) and decided that it was definitely NOT worth it. For a fraction of the cost ($100 plus shipping at I could get a slipcover for my sofa, loveseat, and my 4 dining room chairs, all in a nice looking, machine washable fabric. I couldn't even cover my loveseat for $100....especially when the fabric that I liked (not loved, just liked a little because it was on sale) was $10.95 a yard and I would need at least 13 yards for the loveseat. Plus! It wouldn't be machine washable.

On Thursday my new washing machine knob arrives! YAY!! I'm so happy! No more using a wrench or pushing really hard on a flat surface with my fingers to get the dial to turn to the correct cycle! HUZZAH!

Well, now that I've talked about all the fun things I'm so excited to recieve (mostly my slipcovers!) I guess I'd better go check and see where they are!


Lola said...

Yeah!! I'm waiting for my Kentucky Derby Swap hat to arrive!! Yeah for mail!

Melanie said...

I am so with you. I enjoy seeing exactly where my stuff is... after all... it's my stuff! I wish I could put tracking devices on everything I own.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I can't wait to see what the slipcovers look like. I've been wondering about surefit myself.

Kathi D said...

REALLY GOOD CALL about the slipcovers! Wish I had done that--if I had, I wouldn't have the almost-but-not-quite-done slipcover on my couch for um, about a YEAR now!