Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nighttime Melodies

Aaah. Night. The time to relax. Go to bed. Sleep. Dream. Rest. Rejuvinate.


I can't sleep. Maybe it's because every time I lay down my nose seems to become uncongested and runs constantly, resulting in a trip back into the bathroom for a kleenex. Yes, I've tried the kleenex box at the foot of the bed idea. And no, it didn't work. I ended up crushing it into a flat pancake of cardboard and tissue.

Maybe it's because of the LED on the alarm clock. Stupid blue LED!

Maybe I can't sleep because of the turmoil my brain seems to be in. My thoughts tend to run rampant at night. "Is so and so mad at me? She never really talks to me anymore." "I can't believe how rude such and such was being today! I would never have behaved that way." "Why am I doing math problems? I don't want to count to 100 by 4s!" "I wonder if Marshy-marsh fell asleep on his bottle. I should probably go check on him and make sure he's okay."

It is with this latter thought that I eventually drag my butt out of bed and fumble my way out of the dark abyss that is our bedroom. I walk into baby's room, hearing whimpering. Apparently it's a bad dream, which is fixed by gently waking him up, sticking his bottle back in his mouth, handing him Puppy (who for some reason we can't ever part from, and is in desperate need of a bath), and cover him up with blanket.

Now I'm totally awake. Even if I was awake before, I am more awake now. UGH! What do I do to fall asleep? I can't turn the tv on...the noise will wake up Mike and Marshy-marsh. Hmm...I know! I'll read my favorite blogs.

As I sit down on the couch, I hear a strange noise outside. Either there's a cat fight, or two cats are mating. I haven't quite learned to distinguish the two sounds, but I know it's one of them. Then the train comes by.
It's crossing Center Street.
It's driving past the complex.
"chug chug chug chug"
It's still going.
"clank clank clankity clank"
Now the really heavy cars are going by. Great, now the couch is shaking. I hate that feeling of "Oh crap it's an earthquake, but not". What if there really was an earthquake? How would I know the difference? Stupid train!

Now the cats are back at it again, only further away this time. I can hear the cars whiz by on the freeway, and I think to myself "I sure to wish I was tired."

If only these nighttime melodies were actually melodious. One can only dream.....if only I could go to sleep first!!


Lola said...

ahhhhh...I love trains!

petersons said...

Nothing is better than some sleeping pills to get sleeping...ah, they work wonders for me.

Jamie :) said...

Hey Joanna! I was happy to see that you found our blog! And in case you didn't notice...I found yours in return. I can't believe that Marshall is 16 months! That is nuts! He's so cute! Looks like you are having fun in your new place!

kathi d said...

You and me both, sistah.

I start with the lists in my head as soon as it hits the pillow. No matter how exhausted I am, I can't sleep for the lists playing over and over!

As for your being a mom. I swear this is true. Once when I was a pre-teen, I was having a nightmare and in my dream I was calling out for my mother. She came to check on me because she "heard" me calling. I wasn't talking out loud in my sleep, she just knew I needed her. That's a mom for you.