Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marshy-marsh got tagged!

So, Marshy-marsh got tagged by Jackson (son of my former roomie Amber). Here are a few things that some of our friends might not know.

1) Marshy-marsh was born September 30, 2006 in the Timpanogas hospital in Orem, Utah.....three weeks early.
2) Marshy spent the first week of his life in the Level II nursery....not quite NICU, but not the normal nursery at the hospital. His respiratory rate was way too high, and he had jaundice. He had to stay under a sun lamp for several days, and was on monitors, feeding tube, and IVs for a week before they let us take him home.

3) Although Marshy is only 6 weeks older than his cousin, Baby Turtle, he is three times as big! In fact, he weighs as much as his 4 year old cousins, and is as tall as his 2 1/2 year old first cousin-once removed.
4) Marshy loves to sweep, vacuum, and pretend like he is cleaning. We had to buy him his own little broom so he would stop stealing our brooms at the shop (not pictured above...it's green and giggles and talks.) He also loves the carpet sweeper.
5) Marshy doesn't like to brush his teeth unless he can use his daddy's electric toothbrush!

6) Marshy loves bath time, and always has to have his washy, ducky, and a cup to play with.
7) Marshy has to have his puppy with him when he goes down for a nap or for bed. He has one that kind of looks like the white puppy, but it that will not do! He has to have white puppy or there is NO sleeping!
8) Marshy loves to ham it up whenever he sees the camera. He is so photogenic, and has the BEST smile!

9) Marshy loves his "brother" Sparky. He misses him now that we don't like where Sparky does, and is always so excited to see him when we go back to Sparky's house. He gets a big smile and says "Puppy! Doggy!" He tries to say sparky, but he doesn't have the sp and rk sounds down yet.
10) Marshy loves to play with his Daddy. He can spend all day playing with Mommy, but as soon as Dad comes home that is all he wants is to be with his Daddy. Daddy loves playing with Marshy, too....even though sometimes he doesn't act like it!
Marshy wants to tag Baby Turtle, Gabby and Max, Ty-Ty, Jenny's baby James, and Jamie's baby Maleia. Have fun guys!


kathi d said...

What a cutie! He looks like a tiny doll in that photo of you holding him at the hospital. And now he's BIG.

Hey It's Di said...

Marshy is the cutest and I love it when he wants only me to hold him! (even though he about breaks my whimpy arm!)

I will get Ty-ty on his tag! Right away:)

Neil said...

Thanks for all the pictures of Marsh. I love seeing him and can't wait to play with him. I know he probably won't let me hold him and kiss his whole face, but I think I might try it anyway. MUM

DAJP said...

Thanks for doing this tag Jo! I'm so jealous that Marshy came 3 weeks early. No fair! He's such a cutie. They gain such a personality, don't they. Some times its such a stubborn side, hah?

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I think that you didnt know what you are talking about in the part about sparky reread it ok It doesnt make a ton of sense. but that is ok. I will try to muster up somthing about my kids and get on that blog. k, hey I was not calling Chubbs fat when I gave him a big fat thank you just let him know thanks.

Busty LaRue said...

Lyns, which part in the sparky part doesn't make sense?? Marshy loves his "brother", and he can't say "sp" or "rk" sounds....anyway....

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

NO its the part where you say "he misses him now that we dont like where sparky does". but that is ok I knoew what you wanted to say. at least you can spell.