Monday, April 28, 2008

Another few reasons why Mike is so MARVELLOUS

If you'll recall, last week I labelled Mike as marvellous. Well, here it is another week and he is still marvellous! Today he went to Ikea on his way home from work and bought a new entertainment center (pictured above). It weighed 140 lbs, yet he trucked it out to the Trail Blazer, laid his seats down, took out his cage (it's the thing that stops your stuff from flying from the back and hitting you in the head in case of a looks kind of like the cage that is on cop cars) and loaded the heavy 2 boxes into his car. Apparently this was all very difficult. Mike said "If the boxes had been another inch longer I would've had to lay down the fron seat too!" He also hauled the heavy 140 lbs up the stairs. I had to move the smaller of the boxes, and it was quite the hefty box....HOLY COW!

About 3 hours later, our new beautiful piece of furniture, which matches the coffee table and end table PERFECTLY, was set up with all of the equipment in it. I never realized how many cords we actually have plugged into the tv and the power strip until today. There are sound cords for the XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii. Then there are power cords for all of the above plus the XBOX HD DVD drive. Then we have the wireless game adapter, Wii sensor bar, PS3 control charger cable, and the XBOX 360 battery charger. I am impressed and amazed that the stand not only can accomodate so many machines, but that it can hold all of the cords, too! It has smoked glass sliding doors to cover the shelving areas, and then two drawers in the middle, which hold most of our games, and the rest of our movies that don't fit on our DVD towers.

This is definitely an upgrade for us. You see, until today, cords have been sprawled across the floor. Machines placed everywhere. And we haven't had an end table. This is because our end table used to hold our TV (end table pictured below).

This tiny little end table surprisingly held the TV up well. Although, the TV stuck out on each side, and there were no shelves or drawers, and on several occassions I would kneel down to pick s0mething up off the floor and bang my head on the corner of the TV (But don't tell Mike! He's anal about not touching the TV screen!)

In addition to being marvellous for buying a new TV stand, Mike also got our Roomba up and working. Now I only have to spot vacuum in the kitchen, living room, and hallway. The Roomba runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10:30 AM. It is truly fabulous!


Hey It's Di said...

I like your new TV unit! Sure beats an end table and believe me, I've been there with that whole thing.

DAJP said...

Looks like a nice TV! Fun!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

If you keep up with this marvellous stuff mike is going to expect something for every little thing that he does. dont you know that husbands are supposed to fix things like your vacuum and tv and washer and dryer that is in there job description.