Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Sorry

I feel like I have neglected my blog lately. It's because I feel like I have been so busy, and trying so hard to be focused on this new healthy lifestyle, that I really haven't gotten anything else done.

The biggest change for me, besides eating 200-300 calories ever 2 hours, is having to do dishes daily. We used to not use this many dishes! Now I feel like I am going through dish detergent faster than ever before. A few weeks ago I remember thinking, while looking at apartments, "I guess we really don't have to have a dishwasher. We have a dish drainer. It won't be a big deal." But now I am singing a different tune! I don't care, we are having a dishwasher!! :)

I finished the Mystery Quilt...well, except for the binding. I didn't get it bound in time to watch the instructional video online, so I have to wait for the DVD to arrive at my house. At first I wasn't really a big fan of the design, but it is growing on me. My machine decided to go all stupid and so there are a bunch of weird knot-like things on the back of this quilt. They wouldn't have been noticeable if I had used a navy blue fabric, but since I backed it in cream, this is now officially a wall hanging! This works out, because it really is too small to use as anything but a wall hanging, and it matches our room so nicely, I think I'll put it above our bed. :)

I also did a couple of quilts for clients last week (here and here). I wanted to get more than just 2 done (I have a 3rd almost finished on the machine right now), but like I said, the machine went all stupid. I think it's time to take it in again. I took it in in August, so I guess it's been about 6 months. I hate taking it in. My little car is so small that I can't take Marsh and the machine in it at the same time! It's also a royal pain in the butt to get the machine off the table, but it's worth it if I can get it all working right again.
Marshy has croup, so we stayed home from church today. He got it from his cousin's kids, who got it from their cousin. Unlucky for everyone was that noone knew the kids had croup before they played with each other! We went to nursery last week, not knowing (I thought he just had a boogery nose, mostly from crying hysterically because I made him go to nursery!). I hope none of the other kids got sick! I'm not sure if he had it at that point, but if your kid goes to nursery and was there last week, and is now sick, I really am sorry! I had no idea!!!

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