Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun New Game

Marshy discovered this really fun new game tonight. It's called "Put the laundry basket on top of you and sit there until Mom makes you go to bed." Fun, huh?!
If you look closely in the picture above, you can see his toes peeking out through the handle hole.
You can easily see his little fingers in this one, but his head is a little harder to see. It's right there above the fingers a few inches, though. He was practically bent in half! Oh to be that flexible again!

Which reminds me.... how is it possible that I can work out for 5 straight days, but the routines are getting harder instead of easier? Shouldn't they get easier the more you do them?? Seriously! Major pain tonight was what I experienced. OUCH!

Also, looked at an apartment in SF, and LOVED IT! Turned in an application. Hope we get it. The scary part is that they ask you how much debt you owe and what your monthly payment is. When you lump it all together like that it looks really bad. Good news, though, with Mike's nice paycheck, and my added income from quilting (and soon to be added medical transcriptionist income as soon as I finish the class in June), we have been able to make more than the minimum monthly payments (and we've been paying a lot in rent for where live). So, hopefully we'll get this place, and since the rent is a lot lower, we'll be able to pay off even more! Oh that would be so nice!! :) Fingers Crossed!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Good luck on the apartment!
I like the new game! There is no way I would fit under a laundry basket. If I did I might hide under it and pretend I wasn't home.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I have an even better game....put a weight on top of the laundry basket so he can't get out. heh heh heh

Faith said...

Hope you get it!

Kathi D said...

When kids come into our house, they like to crawl into the dog crates!