Saturday, January 3, 2009

I spent WAAAY too much money, but it sure was fun!

Gracie Lou's was having a sale. I went in. I don't really need fabric. I found some that I loved. I bought. I went back to work. I couldn't stop thinking about some of the fabric I left behind. I went back. I bought. None of the stuff I bought was on sale. I spent way too much money, and bought way too much fabric. Mike will probably freak when he finds out. Shhhhh! But here they are. Can you see why I couldn't leave them behind??
half yards of art gallery
fat quarters of art gallery

Recipe for Friendship and Candy Kisses charm packs. Oh I can make some cute decorations with these for my kitchen!!

more art gallery fat quarters.
See? I told you! I couldn't leave them behind!! I left one set of art gallery fat quarters behind, and it is still haunting me. I should have bought them. They've probably found another home by now, though. As long as it's happy, I guess. :)

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