Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thanks to Peg at Happy in Quilting for finding these great BOM's! I have decided to try them. Now, I can't promise I'll get each one done by the end of the month....but I will try.
Side note: They are all FREE!! Seriously, check them out. But you better hurry because January is almost over!! :S Verandah Views looks like it will be pretty cute. I can't wait to start it!
The Country Calendar is so fun, so far. Progress I've made on this one: I've drawn the stitching lines in pencil on my fabric. I don't have the right colors of floss, so I have to go buy them this coming week.

This cute little basket one looks like so much fun!
The reason I've decided to do all three of these is that they don't appear to need huge amounts of fabric as of yet, so they will be fun stash busters.....I hope. I've never really been great at handwork, like stitching, so this will also be a challenge for me to improve that particular skill.

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