Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quilt Sneak Peek

I'm working on a quilt that my Great Aunt sent me. She lives in California, and has been quilting for a long time, but doesn't think she'll ever get all her tops done if she waits to hand quilt them. She sent me this really cute quilt. I've actually been a little stressed about it because I want it to be perfect. Not that I don't want all my quilts to be perfect, but you'll see what I mean when you get to the sneak preview pictures!

This was an idea I had for what to do in some of the spaces. I didn't end up using it, but I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it with the world.

Okay, sneak preview picture time! These aren't all the pictures I took, but I've uploaded so many other pictures to my quilting blog that I'm tired of waiting for the internet!!

The top of the quilt: More top of the quilt views:

Toward the center of the quilt:

See why I was stressing? It seriously is the cutest quilt ever! And her stitching on the redwork is PERFECT. All the stitches are the exact same tiny length. I don't think I'll ever be that good at stitching!!

And, here's what Marshy's been doing while I work. He gets to read books ('Saur, Fruck, Elmo = dinosaurs, trucks, and elmo), drink his sippy and take a much needed nap.
Oh, and see that puppy in the picture there? Yeah, the dirty white one with the red bow that doesn't get washed as much as it should because Marshy FREAKS OUT if I take it away for more than a few minutes. Well, tonight at the mall he chucked it out of his stroller. Let's just say that the next 30 minutes were HELL until we found it in one of the foliage decorations in the mall. Funny thing was, I had been looking in trash cans for it, and I have no idea how I missed it because it was in the bush right next to the trash can I had JUST looked in. Yeah, weird. But, at least we got puppy back!! WHEW! Marshy was freaking out almost as much as I was (but only because I know he won't go to bed without puppy because he loves him so much. Mike was more of the "he needs to deal with it" mentality.)

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Kathi D said...

You do such a beautiful job on ALL your quilts! I wish you lived next door--I would make more quilts!