Saturday, January 3, 2009

The spending continues....

So the spending spree continues! With Monday, weigh in for family biggest loser, Mike and I decided to get some gear. We purchased dumbbells online (they are the ones that have the weight from 5-50 lbs without having more than one pair of dumbbells). Unfortunately, they won't get here until like next month :(

We went to Shopko to pick up some melatonin for our crazy hyper "can't go to sleep even though I haven't had a nap all day and it's quarter to midnight" child. While we were there, we checked out the workout equipment. This is what we bought: the iron gym, and the ball set. I went to Target later and bought the 2 lb weights, and all the excercise clothes.

The clothes were all on sale! It was awesome. Everything matches, too, except for the orange sports bra. But when it's only $4 and your size and the last one, you kind of have to get it. I couldn't wait until Tuesday to start (Monday is the weigh in), so I pulled out all of my work out DVDs and started watching them to see which ones I wanted to do first.

Then I pulled out the Wii Fit. OH! You should have seen the dust on that puppy! WOAH! It was gross. Apparently, I have only used it 4 times since we got it the night it came out (it came out in time for Mother's Day, I believe....yeah, sad). Well, I hopped right on that thing and played around for about 30 minutes. It was sure fun!

Mike put together the pullup bar. It's nice, because it doesn't drill into the door frame, since we're renting and all. Yeah, I can't do a pullup to save my life. Not even if I cheat and start on a chair. SAD! I thought I had pretty decent upper body strength. After all, I do have a 36 lb kid I carry around.

Hopefully this is not all for naught. I would really like to lose the weight soon. I realized today that I weigh around what I weighed when I was 8 months pregnant (I was working 50+ hours at a retail mall store, and didn't hardly ever get to sit down. I really didn't gain a whole lot when I was preggo, but still...). And I'm not pregnant. It really made me quite motivated to totally dedicate myself to this challenge. I am going to do it! I AM!

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Anonymous said...

I caught myself this morning looking at the ads and I found the WII balance board for $90. I sat. . . SAT. . . imagining me learning how to do yoga and getting abs and tired myself out.

Plus you have to buy the WII for $350 and realized that I HAVE to sit here all day on my laptop. I couldn't take the guilt of having something that I had to move to do.