Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "Froggin' Saur" Bankdie

Remember I bought some fabric because Marsh cried and screamed and yelled words that sounded like we swear like sailors at our house? Yeah, well I hurried and finished his bankdie.
I used the Super Simple pattern. Here is the frog block. Oh how he loves it.
And the saur blog, because the leaves look like Kota's leaves.
And here it is all quilted up. I did a totally random and sporadic zig-zag in green thread. I had to hurry and do it, because Marsh kept trying to steal it from me, even though it was pinned on. In fact, he had both the top and the backing fabric wrapped around him at one point. The white is really really dirty, so I'll have to wash it once it is bound, before Marsh and Kota can play with it.

I really think it is so funny how much he loves that dinosaur. We love Kota too, that's why we got it for him.....and at a steal of a price, too!
He won't even ride Kota unless bankdie is on him. It's cute. Hopefully I can get this bound and washed tomorrow so he can start playing with it on Monday.

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