Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll Try

I'll try not to complain about moldy wet boxes. I'll try not to complain about having only 16 days to pack before we move. I'll try not to complain that "life is hard and I hate working out and I'm tired and my ankle hurts".

I'll try not to complain, because it can always be worse. Case in point: My sisters-in-law, Lola and Diana, had the local sewer back up in their basements, through no fault of theirs, and dumped around 200 gallons of sewage on them. YUCK!! I don't think I could even deal with something like that! (Oh, and Lola, I know we offered to lend you our steamer when it gets here...but it says it won't come until the 18th of February!! Sorry!)


Hey It's Di said...

Yeah that was a crappy situation for sure:)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Crappy Situation, that is funny!
You have every right to complain, water mess is no fun!