Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Story of the Ever-growing Pants

See these pants? I love them. They are Levis. I bought them at Sam's Club on Christmas Eve for $18 without trying them on. yes, I guessed my size. Yes, I wore them around the house for 3 hours with the tags still on hoping that the tiny size 12's would expand so I could breathe! They did.

Well, I love these jeans. They are so comfortable, and make me feel good, which is what a good pair of jeans should do.

These jeans seem to be ever-growing and expanding. I put them on one day, and they almost fell off my butt. I have to keep pulling them up every 5 minutes because they are falling off my butt. I can't wear belts because I am belt-tarded. Being belt-tarded means that I have difficulties getting the belt to unbuckle in certain emergencies situations. (And I am so glad that when those situations arise...in Vegas... that I don't wear a belt)

So why don't I just go buy a new pair of pants? Because, if you'll look over at my weight loss tracker, I still have about 44 lbs to go. I can't keep buying new clothes everytime something falls off me. That would get expensive. (The good thing is that I have yet to take my box of don't-fit-anymore clothes to DI, and there is a really cute size 6 skirt in there that I haven't worn for 8 years...yes, 8 years. I kept it that long... and I can almost pull it up over my butt. ALMOST. Getting it to zip - now that will be a different story!)

So my question to you: How do I fix the problem of the pants falling down, without making my pants look stupid? And without having to buy a belt, because, like I mentioned before, I am belt-tarded.


Kathi D said...

Here is my answer.


Kathi D said...

And when you zip up that skirt, I will be meaner.

Faith said...

I feel the same way about clothes while I'm losing weight! I only buy one pair of pants at a time, wear them until they start to fall off and then go buy one pair of pants in a smaller size. It's so fun to see results huh?!

Gosh, if your size 12's are falling off and you still have 40 pounds to go how tiny are you going to be when you are done? A two? Zero?

Bonnie the Boss said...

I laughed at Kathi's answer! But I am so excited for you.
Just take them to a tailor and have them taken in! You deserve the satisfaction!