Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was going to start packing tonight, since I only have 16 days now until we move. I went into the storage room, thinking we had boxes in there. Nope, I put them out in the storage closet outside.

Went out to the storage closet. It was kind of dark, and the light above our parking space doesn't quite work as well as it should. I grabbed a box. It felt wet. I pulled it out. Yep. The roof had leaked during the torrential raining period last week, and not only did it leak all over anything that wasn't covered, but anything touching the back wall of the storage closet got wet. GREAT!! Thanks for telling us when we moved in to tarp our items so they don't get ruined! OH WAIT! YOU DIDN"T TELL US THAT!! UGH!! (I think I'll leave a note in there for the next tennants, so that they can be prepared and tarp their belongings. Sad thing is, we have a tarp, but didn't know we needed to cover everything up.) :(

So, instead of bringing in 1 or 2 boxes to pack up, I emptied the storage closet completely so that the boxes could dry. I am astonished at how much stuff I actually fit in that tiny closet, and there was still leftover room, but now that it's all in my kitchen....I'm wishing it could have stayed outside.

The kitchen is starting to smell like drying mold. YUCK! I'm probably going to have to throw most of the boxes away, and buy new ones. Especially the dishes boxes. Not sure I want to put clean dishes in a moldy box. Doesn't quite seem like a smart idea to me. Anyone know where they sell boxes for cheap?


Blakely said...

Check your local grocery store. Egg boxes are the best when packing.

Kathi D said...

People fear fire, and ironically, water is just as destructive.

For the moving boxes, check Craig's List, I think people give away moving boxes there (or sell cheap).