Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project 2

So I have managed to partially finish my second project. WOW! I sure am making a lot of progress. In fact, my to-make pile is slowly but surely getting smaller and smaller each time I walk into my sewing/storage room. This is definitely nice, as I seem to be rapidly running out of room to store my works in progress and all of my random fabrics.

Anyway, this is a baby quilt in girlie prints. Most of the fabrics are from the Chocolate Lollipop line by Anna Maria. I totally love these fabrics. I bought them when I bought the fabric for my friend Joelann's quilt, and I haven't been able to cut into them until recently. Today I sewed most of the pieces together. I made a mistake though, and instead of cutting the center section of the largest nine patch block 3 1/2 inches, I cut it to 2 1/2 inches. Oops! I will have to make adjustments throughout the quilt when I piece it all together, but I don't think it will look too bad. It will be a little bit smaller than it should be, but it will still look really cute!
This is the pattern I'm using. It will hopefully look quite similar to this when it is finished. It's also the same pattern I used for Joelann's quilt, and I did a quilt for my cousin last December from this pattern. So, three out of one pattern. That is the most I have ever used a pattern! WOW! It's kind of a pain in the butt pattern, so I'm surprised I've even used it that much. There's just way too much cutting and piecing for such a small baby quilt. But, it ends up looking so dang cute when it's finished, that you just can't help loving this pattern!
Tomorrow I have to run down to Salem to pick up the Gammill, the run up to Salt Lake to have it serviced. I don't know how long it will take to have it serviced. I'm hoping only a few hours. Because, then I have to go back down to Salem, put the machine back on the table so I can get back to work, pick up Marshy from Nana V, and then go home. I'm really hoping to be able to finish this quilt tomorrow either in the morning or at night, so that I can get started on the next project. Lately I just can't seem to sit still. I think it's because I know we will be moving again in March, and the year is rapidly coming to a close, and I need to unload some of this stuff somewhere, so I might as well hurry and finish some of these projects and get them up on Etsy (only some of them though. I don't think I could part with all of them!). But, with such a busy day as tomorrow is looking, I don't know how much I will be able to get done. I guess we shall see what happens.


Faith said...

Wait a minute! I thought you guys just moved! Where are you moving to? Are you staying in the ward?

Busty LaRue said...

Don't worry! We'll still be in the ward. We're just hoping to be a little closer. Provo is so far away for us, and we really would like to be back in the area while we build.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the fabric. And the quilt is going to be great. Good luck with your busy day.

Anonymous said...

OOO so pretty! I wanted to delurk here and let you know I'm giving you an award. I love watching your crafts as they grow and your little one is too cute!