Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bzzagent is awesome!

There is this thing called Bzzagent, and I am an agent for them. Basically, they give you what they call Bzzkits for the Bzzcampaigns for a particular product, and you are supposed to tell people about the product, and give out coupons, and get feedback to report back to Bzzagent HQ. Sometimes the kits contain samples of the product, and sometimes they just contain coupons. Mike and I have done several, and most of them have been really fun. We've done Listerine whitening strips, Grey Poupon gourmet mustard, Claritin Readi-tabs, Philips-Norelco's newest razor, and now Max Factor make up.

My Bzzkit came yesterday. I'm so excited! I got a blush brush, a tri-color blush, mascara, and some lip color. I've never used a multi colored blush, but I tried it today and it was pretty cool. The colors they sent me were not what I normally would have chosen for myself. The blush was way more natural than I usually go. I usually pick something with a touch of pink in it, and this was mostly browns.
The mascara is black. I've been using Almay's mascara for people with brown eyes, (which means it's purple mascara. explain that one to me) but it is really clumpy. This MaxFactor stuff was great! Even with two coats, it wasn't even half as clumpy as the Almay stuff.

When I put the lipcolor on, however, it was almost orange. I think it is supposed to be a copper color (go figure, because I didn't think I ordered the bronze/orange collection). It looked absolutely hideous on me! I immediately took it off. It came with this moisturizing top coat, and I totally love that, but I'm going to have to go buy a different color so I can see if it really lasts the 16 hours it claims it does.

Has anyone tried MaxFactor? or another brand that they really like? I'd be really interested to know. Not just because I'm doing this Bzzcampaign, but also because I am always looking for a better make up product to try.


Faith said...

This has nothing to do with your post (although it was interesting) =-)

Just wanted to let you know what I've been learning since I know that you and your hubby want to buy/build someday. I have been looking into buying a home and found out there is something called a USDA Rural Housing loan that works for people trying to buy a home south of Spanish Fork or in other rural areas like Eagle Mountain. They do up to 102% financing for the house so you need no money down and can roll the closing costs/appraisal fees etc. into the loan (although most sellers these days will pay the closing costs for you). There also isn't any Private Mortgage Insurance. Pretty dang cool.

Just some info I thought you might find interesting. =-)

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Buzz Smuzz I am giving everyone a sluff church for free card to come see me and the new baby!!! you better use it or I will kick your butt (when I can lift my legs agian)

Anonymous said...

I got totally hooked on Max Factor and used it for years!! Their lipfinity lasts for 24 hours but looks dry and cakey, so I switched to a brand I never thought I'd use. Covergirl. And it lasts about 12 hours but looks smooth.

Bonnie the Boss said...

What a cool thing to do!