Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy Busy

So, I have been so busy today! I had a client bring in a quilt the day before we went on vacation (July 18th), and I told her it would be done by about the middle of this week. Well, I try to live up to what I tell my clients, so today I totally busted my butt to get that massive monster done. It honestly took longer to pin the sucker onto the leaders than to quilt the dang thing! Oh well, it turned out really well, and really cute.

Lola did a .... cute.... quilt while we were on vacation, and it needed to be quilted, as well. I hurried and put it on, and it turned out so cute! The fabrics she used were really fall-y. They were by Sandy Gervais (LOVE HER!) and they had pumpkins and dots and leaves and flowers. Very fall. Very orange and brown. The pattern was kind of a modified nine patch, that used only jelly rolls. Very cool, except that it then had these super cute flowers appliqued on, but the colors they wanted Lola to use blended in with the colors in the quilt. I knew I had to do something to pop those cute flowers, so I quilted around the applique pieces, and then did a whole bunch of pumpkins and flowers looped together in the background. I should've taken a picture. Maybe she'll let me come over tomorrow with my camera, because it really does look cuter now that it's quilted. Not that she didn't do an AWESOME job. Because she is one of the best sew-ers I know. (And I don't know a whole lot, so she is right up there at the top)

Anyway, tomorrow Mike and I are taking the machine head off of the table. The regulated stitch doesn't work, and everytime I change the needle my timing goes out....pretty sure it isn't supposed to do that. Anyway, my needle was so dull after the few quilts I've done this past two weeks that I HAD to change it. And, what do you think happened? Yep, timing went out. Since we're taking it in on Wednesday (but Mike goes out of town for work on Monday, so we are taking it off tomorrow), we figured why even bother trying to get it fixed, when we're just going to take it off? So we've left the issue. Stupid timing. Hopefully Nick, the mechanic, will be able to get it fixed. *fingers crossed*

I still have a few quilts waiting for me. Several of them are mine. One is for Mike's aunt Karen. The other is for his cousin Melanie. I'm hoping to be able to get them all done by the end of the month, so that I can focus on other things: like, getting more clients, or getting my clients' quilts done fast....I'm shooting for 1 quilt a day...I know, I've got high hopes, but really when that's all I do for work now, it isn't that hard.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I can't imagine quilting a big quilt for a customer. It must be a lot of pressure. I am sure you do a great job. But when tools aren't working at top form, it complicates things! I'd love to see pictures of the quilts you describe.