Friday, August 8, 2008

Salem Days

It's that time of year again. That time when we come together as a city and celebrate with all sorts of fun. Parades, pageants, contests, programs, fireworks, and quilt shows! So much fun!! Tomorrow is the parade and the quilt show, and then at night are the fireworks. Don't know if we'll actually make it to fireworks this year, but we are looking forward to the parade, and I can't wait for the quilt show! I love seeing what everyone else has done. It's a great place to get ideas for quilting.

Today was pretty boring. Mike and I took the machine off the table, so it can go to the shop next week to be serviced. I think the reason the regulated stitch doesn't work is because it was wrapped around with about 3 feet of thread! We didn't test it though, because we had already taken off the rails, the machine, and one of the rollers. It was too much work to put it all back together for a whole 5 minute test. So, we find out next week if we fixed it or not.

Also, Marshy started actually playing peek-a-boo with me! He now says "peebow" as he pops out from whatever he is hiding behind. It's really cute.

And that is my day in a nutshell....not a whole lot to report. Sorry my post is not so interesting. Hopefully life will get a little more exciting.

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