Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Forget

You forget how tiny babies are. You forget how irresistible they are. You just forget as time goes on and your baby grows up into a giant (Marshy is huge, giant-like almost, compared to other kids his age). You forget, until you hold a brand new baby again.

This afternoon we went to visit Lynsey in the hospital. She had baby Jaxson Saturday afternoon, just after 12. Mom and baby are doing great, and Big Sis Gabby is so cute with baby Jax! "Jax wants me to hold him now" she would keep saying to everyone who was holding him.

Oh! He was so tiny and adorable and irresistible! It almost made me want to have another one. Almost. I am currently in no position to be having two kids, as we live on the third floor of a building in an apartment that presently seems too small for active Marshy. Also, there isn't really much of a yard here that is playable in. The downstairs neighbors on the other side of the building let their 2 massive dogs use the grass for their bathroom, instead of taking them 15 feet to the dog park.

Anyway, Baby Jax and his mommy come home from the hospital tomorrow morning, and will probably be headed home to Idaho, so we wish them well. And hope they stay down here a little longer so we can get lots of lovin' outta little baby!


Gina said...

It's amazing how small babies are. I look a them and can't believe Gemma was that small.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kathi D said...

You really do forget. Once I was given the job of carrying a baby home from the hospital (while the mom and dad were in the front seat) and they wrapped that kid up in 8,000 blankets so I wouldn't freak out at how small she was. I was used to toddlers and when I saw her unwrapped, I almost fainted!

Hey It's Di said...

Jaxson is adorable but holding him did make me realize I am over the baby thing. I guess that means I'm officially OLD!