Monday, August 18, 2008

Marshy {hearts} showers

Mike went scuba diving over the weekend. He washed his equipment off in the bath tub yesterday. Of course, it still isn't dry. I needed to give Marshy his bedtime bath, so I went in to see if it was dry yet. Nope. Still sitting in the bath tub. So I hung everything up. Of course, it completely took over the bathtub, leaving no room for Marshy-marsh to have a bath. Whatever was I going to do? about give him a shower in our bathroom? Sounds good to me!

We have one of those shower heads where part of the head is detachable. It's really nice for cleaning the shower, or giving your almost 2 year old his first shower. I turned the water on and got it to the perfect temperature. I turned the heat lamp on in the bathroom so it would be extra toasty. I gathered the necessary items: diaper, jammies, washy, towel....oh yeah, and baby. I stripped him down to his naked little self. He was so excited. He started shouting "BAFF!" (bath) and tried to run to his bathroom. When I picked him up and put him in the shower he completely lost it.

He backed into the corner and stood there bawling hysterically, with the "why are you being mean, mommy?" look on his face. And of course, yelling "DA-ADDY! DA-A-A-ADY!" Of course, Mike is out of town again, so daddy wasn't there to come rescue him. Poor kid. After about 2 minutes of hyesteria I turned off the water and wrapped him up in his towel.

I got him dressed and put him in his crib. Still crying hystericallly, he said "BA-BA!" (bottle). Since he is allowed to have bottles at bedtime, I went and got him one. I forgot to grab his puppy while I was in the kitchen. I gave him his bottle and of course, he cried "PU-UPPY!" I ran and got him his puppy. Once he had puppy and ba-ba, he burried his head in his blankets and cried himself to sleep. Poor kid. All because of a shower.


Kathi D said...

I think I was scared of showers till I was about 10! Didn't want that water getting in my face.

Lola said...

Torture, before bedtime, is always a good way to induce sleep!