Friday, August 1, 2008

Phones and other news

So, my new phone is coming on Monday. HOORAY!! We decided that it was either $40 for a new battery, or $50 for a new phone, so we went with the whole new phone. This way I won't have to have a run over, hard to open phone, but a brand new one! :) YAY!!

Also, I will be quilting full-time now. This will be good, because I can make more money quilting full time than quilting part time and then working the rest of the time at the floral. It ends up working out for everyone, because my niece, Kitty, apparently wants to quit her job and work at the floral, so this would give her the opportunity to do so. Of course, I am totally willing to help out over there whenever they need an extra hand. Mike and I figured out that if I did a quilt a day, 5 days a week, that would be at least 20 quilts a month. That would be awesome!

So, if you know of anyone who needs a quilt done, and you're in the area, I am currently accepting quilts. My turn around time is usually a week at the most....but like I said, that was doing it part-time.

The flowers for my cousin's wedding come tomorrow. YAY! I get to arrange them all on Monday. So fun. Also, Monday is my lil' bro's birthday. He will be 21. I can't believe he is that old! I'm only a few years older than him, but I still think of him as the sweet little boy in kindergarten who defended me with a broom when some of the neighborhood kids were picking on me. He was so sweet! Not that he isn't sweet still. He is a great uncle, and Marshy loves to go say hi when we visit him. Marshy will run upstairs and run into his room "Hewo!" and then just play in there until we realize he isn't in the living room and we don't know where he is. We always start looking in uncle Jonny's room. I think it's because there are some fun gadgets up there.

So, other than my allergies, I really don't have much else to say today. And I'm sure you don't want to hear about the allergies, so I guess I will hopefully have something better to report tomorrow.

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Kathi D said...

See! I told you something even better would come up!!