Monday, August 11, 2008

YAY! It's finally finished...well, sort of

So, I was able to get some work done while Marshy took his nap today. FINALLY! "Comfort" is finished.
This is the bottom row. I had all but the cat block done. I had pieced most of it together, so all I had to do was quickly finish it. It turned out rather nicely, I think.
The bottom row has the same center block as the top row, only reversed.
The far right block is a dog. I thought that the whole cat and dog thing seemed to fit with the "home and family" theme. After all, a lot of people think of their pets as part of their family. We do! :)
The middle row has the two nine patches on each end.
Then there is a heart in the center of the row. Because of course it's love that ties us all together.
And the other nine patch block.
I originally had planned to do this big border with corner blocks that had hearts in them, but I opted for a smaller border, and then put the pink squares in the corners.
I still have a little stitching that I need to do. I have to go around all of the applique pieces in the picture block, and then there are some phrases I am going to stitch into the borders. But, hopefully that shouldn't take too long. It will keep me busy during the Olympics for sure!

Well, that's all the time for blogging I have right now. Too many projects to finish, too little time. I'm off to finish the next one!

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Faith said...

They are going to LOVE IT!