Sunday, August 24, 2008

{insert really sad face here}

It died. I have a lot of really good memories with our friend on it. When I say our friend, I mean Colton. When I say it, I mean our XBOX 360.

It has fallen victim to the dreaded "Red Ring of Death". It's still under warranty, so Microsoft will repair/replace it for us. But I have to send in my harddrive. I'm not sure if we'll get it back. It has a lot of memories on it of late night Halo 3 parties with Colton and the boys, asking Family Guy and Doug trivia to Troz while we played on XBOX Live. Playing Bioshock with Austin, Colton, and Kyle, and Kyle screaming like a little girl. Our New Years Eve "party" where Colton and Austin ditched their lady friends and other acquaintances to come play XBOX with us at our house until late into the night. The boys coming over to play games, and falling asleep on the love sac cuddling each other, but not Colton because he was smart enough to fall asleep upstairs on the couch. So many good memories are documented in that XBOX. I guess as long as I have the memories, I don't need the harddrive.....but it was a nice reminder.

All I wanted to do today was watch School for Scoundrels on HDDVD. All I did was turn the console on! I haven't even used it all week. In fact, the last time I used it was Sunday afternoon with Mike and Marshy watching Toy Story 2. It was working fine then. Now it is dead. It won't turn on. I can't play games or watch movies on it. I'm really glad now that Netflix screwed up and sent us School for Scoundrels on HDDVD and on regular DVD. How did they know? Man they are smart! Well, I guess I can watch it on HDDVD in 6-8 weeks, once I ship mine out and they get it. Stupid Red Ring of Death.

In happier news: Lynsey had her baby Saturday! YAY! Haven't been over to see her yet, but we're thinking we'll go Sunday after church.

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Hey It's Di said...

Thank goodness for great memories that can't be taken away from us right? I don't know how we would cope without them.