Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Quilt

In March, after my dear nephew Colton passed on, I had an idea for a quilt. The idea centered on families, and how they last forever. I call it "Comfort" because that is what it provided at that time. Well, now, months later, I am finally getting around to taking the drawing I made and turning it into an actual quilt. So far it is turning out quite nicely. It has 9 different blocks and then a border with the possibility of having setting squares with something in them. Not sure yet if I want to go that route. BUT! Here is my progress so far. I have finished 7 of the 9 blocks. I only had enough battery power left over from after the parade today to take these few pictures though, so the rest will come tomorrow hopefully.
These are all from the top row of the quilt, which I have sewn together. The first block is a house. Because where else do you see your family, but at your home?
There are 4 blocks that don't really have anything to do with families, they are just there because I couldn't think of how to piece 4 more blocks. So, I have two blocks that look like this, and then two blocks that are a nine patch (they are on the middle row of the quilt). I tried to use the same fabrics and colors from the other quilt blocks to tie it all together. Also, I didn't go out and buy any of these fabrics, I just used remnants from other projects.
This block took me the longest. I was originally going to just do a less detailed family, but I felt that it needed the details to make it look right. I think I might have spent around 3 hours working on this one today, trying to get the dimensions and pieces just right. I haven't gone around by hand or with my machine to secure them (I used wonder-under) because I don't think it would look right. I'm debating as to what I should do. Any suggestions? I kind of like the look of it the way it is. Anyway, I might add some details in when I go to quilt it, we'll see.

I finished two of the blocks for the bottom row today, too, but I still have two more to go, so hopefully I can get them done tomorrow. I think I will have to buy fabric for the borders. I thought I might have enough but it turns out I calculated wrong. The borders will take about a yard of fabric. I guess I could piece together something from the rest of the remnants, but I really wanted them to be a nice medium green to match the greens I use elsewhere in the quilt. But, like I said, we'll see. I might not even do a border! It depends on how I feel.

This quilt I am doing for my cousin, as a wedding present. I also bought 1/4 yards of different fabrics from the Quilt Shoppe to do this quilt with. I had every intention of doing her quilt out of those, but they match my style so well that I think I will use them for myself.

It's so fulfilling to have an idea, draw it out, and then see it turn into something that actually works out. I have a couple other quilt ideas that I want to do, so hopefully I can get them all going now that I've managed to do this one.


Gina said...

I love what you've done so far.
I'd applique around the family as Wonder Under does have a habit of peeling off after a length of time. Also it won't stay on through a wash

Love and hugs gina xxx

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its just darling. I love it. Good for you.