Saturday, August 9, 2008

Salem Days, Pt 2

Today was the Salem Days parade. It was fun. Luckily, it was kind of overcast, so it made it quite nice to sit out under the trees of the church on Main and watch as the fun floats and cars and horses went by. Here are some pictures of the event:

Above, a cool old tractor. There were several that were in the parade that were either from 1950 or earlier. WOW! Below, Smokey the bear.

Above, the new grocery store. YAY! Below, the new pharmacy (finally!) in the new grocery store. YAY!

Above and Below, two more cool old tractors.

Above, SHHS cheerleaders. Below SHHS football team. GO SKYHAWKS!

Above, the rest of the SHHS football team. They're a brand new team this year, doncha know? I was surprised by how big the team was, since the school is brand new and all. Below, Marshy. He may look bored, but he had so much fun. He even clapped and cheered, but only when I wasn't trying to get a picture of him.

Above, some dance group from Japan. Below, Mini Miss and Little Miss pageant winners and runners up.

Above and Below, the SHHS marching band. How cool are those uniforms?! They looked really good, and they sounded great! It was their first performance ever, and they were fantastic.

Above, the SHHS cheer camp participants, including little miss Avery. She looked so cute! Below, more of the SHHS cheerleaders.

Above, the National Guard (I think?) and a really cool vehicle-tank thingy. Below, the police department.

Above, the Fire Department. Below, Miss Salem and her attendants. How cool is that float?
After the parade, we went to the quilt show. I would've taken pictures, because there were some awesome quilts, except my camera battery died during the parade! I forgot to charge it last night. Stupid me! Oh well, maybe next year I'll remember.