Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OUCH-ies and UH-OHs

Tried the Wii Fit this morning. Wow is all I can say. It is sure tough. I thought that the hula hoop mini game would be easy-peasey. HAHAHA I was wrong. It is hard. And apparently I am not very well balanced. But, it is fun. I have set my weight goal and BMI goal and I have three months to achieve it. Although, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if I were to achieve it maybe before Deer Valley this year! Mike just heard what I was typing (yes, I type outloud sometimes) and he laughed at me! He says it won't happen! How rude!

Marshy was taking his bath and he saw the chair guard sitting on the bathroom counter. He pointed at it and said "UH-OH" I didn't know quite what he was talking about, so I said "What?" And he pointed back at it and said "UH-OH Mommy. UH-OH" It was then that I realized that he thought his tub was broken because it didn't have a chair guard anymore. Later in the bath, he stood up and then sat down and there was a HUGE splash. "UH-OH"

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DAJP said...

That Wii Fit looks cool. I can't believe they came out with that, but I guess you get a workout from doing the other games they might as well do one that actually gives you a great workout. Looks like fun!