Friday, May 9, 2008

Raising Holy on Mother's Day weekend

So, I work at a floral with my in-laws: Angel, Diana, and Lola, and our Frister Jenny. It is WAY too much fun! Honestly. Where else can you have someone call you a bee-otch and not mean it in an offensive or mean way? Where else can you leave your child in his stroller in front of the TV watching The Incredibles by himself in the other room? This is where the raising Holy comes in to play.

One of Frister Jenny's clients from the salon came in with her little girl. She said, "You have got to see what this baby back here has gotten himself into."

Apparently her little girl had been watching Marshy-marsh maneuver his stroller backwards toward the ribbon racks. Can you guess what he did next? Well, here ya go:

I know that The Ninja hates it when I post "blurry" pictures from my camera phone, but I HAD TO! How cute is this?? He has unravelled SEVERAL rolls of ribbon, and is still busily unrolling another as we stared on. When he originally saw us all standing there laughing, he looked up and had this HUGE SMILE and then went merrily along with the unrolling. Yes, I cleaned it up. Yes, it was slightly a pain. Yes, he unrolled entire rolls. Yes, this was the least of the trouble he caused today.

I think my favorite was when he sneaked out onto the floor, and we couldn't find him and were calling him frantically, and then Angel found him and he was playing in the gazebo with some hanging baskets. Oh so fun. Or when he decided to run outside on the porch when they went to look at a client's motorcycle. Or just in general when he was causing terror.

Oh, yeah, and yesterday he was playing "mama had a baby and it's head popped off" with some of the flowers we had just gotten in. Oh so fun!

Oh, and I get to repeat it all again tomorrow! Hopefully I can keep my sanity!!!


Neil said...

You just need a Grandma there to watch the little darling. I could play in the ribbon, too!! Have another great day at the shop with all the 'sisters'. I won't miss another one!! MUM

Busty LaRue said...

I know! We are so excited to have you back soon!! And baby will love to have a ribbon play pal hehehehe