Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sewing daily sewing

I haven't exactly been sewing daily. However, I have been trying to get some craft centered thing-a-ma-jig done each day. Lately I've been working on Christmas stockings. Yes, I know it's May. BUT! I purchased three adorable needlepoint stocking kits last September and do you think I had any Christmas stockings hanging in our house in time for Santa Claus? NO! Why? Because they are HARD and take FOREVER!!! I have finished one except for the putting together and finishing the detail work. That one is Marshy's. Tonight I worked on mine. I gut the stocking back and sewed it to the front and then I got to the part where it called for couching. Uh-uh. Not tonight. So not willing to frustrate myself beyond all else. Maybe tomorrow. If you're wondering where the pictures of my progress are, you don't get any until they are done because otherwise they just look weird.

After giving up on the stocking "front" (haha! I made a play on words and I didn't even mean to!) I decided to get to work on a diaper bag I am designing and making. I asked Lola for some zipper advice a couple of days ago, which was smart because now I know how to install an inside zipper pocket! Who knew it was "sew" easy?! hahahaha I made a lot of progress tonight, and hope to have the lining for the bag completely assembled at some point tomorrow. I sewed until almost 11 PM, one hour past noise curfew, because I have decided that since my downstairs neighbors have moved most of their belongings as of this morning, I don't really care what they do or say to me. They are moving. They shouldn't complain.

Anyway, what I really want to sew is some clothes! I have all of these way cute patterns, and no cute clothes. What is wrong with this picture? Is it lack of fabric? sort of. Is it because I am lazy? Not so much. I think it is because I hate having to undress to try the thing on to make sure I can get it up over my gi-normous hips, thighs, butt, boobs, whatever. Then you have to try to take the thing off so carefully so nothing rips or comes unstitched or tears and put your clothes back on! I would sew naked, but I have discovered that even though the blinds are closed, you can still see inside my apartment at night from the parking lot if the lights are on. Hmmm.....Hope ya'all enjoyed the view that time I came running out of the shower because baby was screaming hysterically because that WILL NOT be repeated EVER AGAIN now that I have this window knowledge. *Secretly I'm hoping Mike will allow the purchase of 4 yards of fabric for curtains....that would be nice!*

Back to the clothes sewing....sorry, I get distracted. Lola had mentioned seeing somewhere that someone had made their own dress form. Holy cow! I was totally interested in this. I have wanted a dress form ever since I started watching Project Runway last year! They are really mega-expensive though, and you have to special order them. At my local Jo-Ann's fabrics, they were on sale for like $90, but it was for either the S the M or the L sized form, and it took a while to get it since it was a special order. Normally the crappy model is $130! So, when Lola said we could make our own, I was totally in.

It involves Duct Tape. I have a lot of experience with Duct Tape. We are old friends. In fact, we once used Duct tape, along with Scotch and others, to tape all of my Latin teacher's belongings to the ceiling one day in Latin 2.....and Latin 3. Yes, we did it two years in a row, and she still loved us. Amazing!

I did an internet search for the site, and I believe this is the one that Lola got the idea from, but I'm not 100% sure. It is great, cuz it tells you what you need and how to do it. I am definitely trying this. And yes, there will be pictures involved because you can't do something this cool and not document it. Until then, I will be sewing daily sewing....or at least trying to.

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Lola said...

Some day soon, after all of this returning Missionary Hoopla, we'll break out the rolls of duct tape!!!

There will be many awful pictures taken to remember the occasion!