Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make the screaming and the messes stop!!!

So, I know that my day has not been nearly as disastrous as Frister Jenny's day a few weeks ago (for more, read about it here), but it has been pretty bad.

It all started last night. Marshy-marsh wouldn't go to bed. In fact, it was around 4 AM before we actually got him to stop screaming. Then, this morning, he woke up earlier than normal after only sleeping for 4 or 5 hours. He was awake until around 2 PM. He took a quickie nap, lasting maybe an hour, 90 minutes tops. Then he was awake and grumpy. Bedtime is usually around 7 PM. I put him down aroung 6:30 because he hadn't slept very much today.

2 HOURS LATER: Marshy is still screaming at the top of his lungs. You'd think he'd get tired and give in and go to sleep. Don't worry. I'm not a bad mother. I didn't let him cry the whole two hours straight. I went in to check to make sure he wasn't poopy, or didn't have his foot stuck in the crib....again (yes, he's done it twice). Finally, tired of the screaming, I got him out and let him run around, hoping that maybe this would tire him out and he would go to bed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

It didn't work. I had the lights off in the kitchen and dining room, but the hall light was on, so I could still see where Marshy was. During the last 5 seconds of CSI's season finale (which I totally called, BTW, except for the other person involved - didn't see that one coming) my phone rang. Whilst trying to figure out why my phone wouldn't silence the call I heard a loud CRASH! BANG! Giggle! I hurried into the kitchen, where I thought Marshy was playing with the pots and pans (that's the cupboard he was in when I had looked at him a few seconds before). What I beheld upon walking around the counter was Marshy, covered head to toe in Comet. Comet all over the kitchen floor. Comet all over the front of my cupboards. And, as I hurriedly rushed baby into the bathtub, Comet all over my carpet.

FORTUNATELY he didn't put any in his mouth or his eyes. I don't know how he got the Comet out of the cupboard. I didn't even know it was open! I don't even use Comet! Why do I have some in my cupboard?? I use SoftScrub because it has a handy squeeze bottle with a flip top lid. Also, all of my cleaners are usually in the bathroom, or at least securely closed. WHAT THE HECK?! How did I miss the Comet??

Marshy is now in bed. His laundry is going. He is hopefully asleep (I can't hear him at least....the washer and A/C are quite loud when going at the same time). My kitchen is finally clean. I have washed off the bottom of my vacuum. But, my floor still smells like Comet. BOO!

At least the screaming has stopped....temporarily.

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Lola said...

Taylor, at that same age, poured vegetable oil all over the kitchen floor. Luckily it is a wood floor!