Friday, May 23, 2008


So, if you will recall a few weeks ago I posted about our neighbors downstairs and how they thought Marshy was too loud. Well, GOOD NEWS!! Today I noticed that they had a "For Sale" posted in their window! HOORAY!! I don't know if they were planning on moving, or if we drove them to it, but I certainly hope that they find somewhere where they won't be annoyed by the pitter-patter of little baby feet in the apartment above. Also, I hope someone with small kids moves in, because that would be nice. And, they would understand, hopefully, that it is practically impossible to keep little ones' energy pent up all the time.

I know of this first hand, as Marshy has spent most of today in his stroller. I feel bad, but I have been cleaning carpets and I can't have him running around destroying things while I clean. Besides, it wasn't even my house! What would be worse than having him break something that belonged to someone else? At least if it was my stuff I wouldn't be too mad, because I know better than to put breakables within baby-reach.

Also, while I was cleaning carpets I realized that it makes the rooms smell sooooo nice and clean and good. Now it makes me want to clean all the carpets in our house, even though they were "just professionally cleaned" (according to the land lady....but they still smell like cat pee. Explain that one to me?) Anyway, I've had some bad experiences getting cat pee smell out of carpets. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only way to totally eliminate the smell is to replace the carpet. Guess I'll be living with cat pee smell for another 9-10 months. Oh well!

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Neil said...

I think that cat Pee smell is just stuck up your nose....I wonder whose carpets you are cleaning? Moua??? Love ya, MUM