Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finished and ready to quilt!

So the baby quilt I have been working on is finally done. I am so proud of myself, because it is an original design and I did it all by myself. From drawing out the original sketch to making the applique shapes to figuring out how much fabric I needed and how to cut the sashing pieces to be the right size. I was originally going to applique stars in all of the setting squares, but I decided against that today when I looked at how much yellow fabric I didn't have left. So, I will quilt the stars in instead. I've got to buy the backing and binding fabric tomorrow. Last summer I made a star baby quilt for my cousin, and I bought this really pretty dark navy fabric with sparkles...I hope they still sell it because it would be BEAUTIFUL as the backing for this quilt, which will have lots of stars quilted into it!
This is the center block. I started stitching it last night during Law and Order:SVU, but got too enthralled in the show so I stopped stitching and ended up focusing on the TV instead. I finished it today, while Judge Alex was on, and while Marshy-marsh ran around the house playing with his new toy (a Spongebob Squarepants bouncy ball I bought him at Wal-mart because he was mad it took the pharmacy 1 HOUR to get my simple prescription. Okay, so I was mad, but he was the one crying!)
These next two blocks are actually patterned after my own hands and feet. No, I don't have a copy machine that will shrink images x percentage. I traced my hands and my feet, and then eyeballed it as I drew them smaller. It took several attempts, but I finally got some decent looking hands and feet, doncha think?
These two blocks I was actually able to start applique-ing during American Idol and Hells Kitchen. The feet were pretty easy, but the hands took a lot of work. I actually stopped working on the hands after HK and didn't pick them back up until later....much later because Still Standing was playing (11:35 and 12:05 is when it plays). It took a long time to do the fingers because I kept cutting my thread lenghts too short, so I would have to tie them off practically right after I had started. 1 episode of Hannah Montana, and halfway through The Replacements on the Disney Channel (about 1:15 AM) I decided to call it a night. But, not before the blocks were done! Yay for me!! :)
I know I've already put pictures of these blocks up, but I finished them off today. Mike told me that they needed to look more like building blocks, so I used my "applique" stitch on my Janome sewing machine (it's really just a zig-zag) to give the appearance of actually being blocks. I went over every line twice, just to make sure that it was well covered, and it was thick enough to look like the edging on the blocks. I'm going to put some more detail into it when I actually quilt it. It will look cool, you can count on that!

I'm hoping to get it at least started on the quilt machine tomorrow. We'll see how the day goes. Maybe I'll just get it put into the quilting queue, but at least that gets it out of my kitchen and next to the machine! More pictures to come soon, hopefully!


Lola said...

You did a great job!!!! I'm SO proud of you girl!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

That is so cute!! How creative are you.

Melanie said...

Your quilt looks so cute. My mom has always quilted and I loved seeing the designs that she would come up with on her own.

Quilting is such an AWESOME talent. One that I don't quite posses but that I really admire in those that do.

Blakely said...

What a great idea, and you did such a great job.

Neil said...

Very cute....You have become quite a seamstress/quilter/designer. I am glad to see you are working between the TV shows. That's my girl! MUM