Thursday, May 1, 2008


No, no, no. I didn't go to ebay live this year....well, it's not until later, but it's in Chicago and I can't afford flights let alone hotel and food. Plus, what is there to do in Chicago besides go to the convention? No ebay live for me this year! These pictures are from 2006. Ebay Live in Las Vegas BABY!

You might be asking why I chose to post pictures from so long ago. You see, it is because I have been spending EVERY WAKING HOUR listing things on ebay in preparation for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Independence Day. Yes. Many holiDAYS. Ugh! But, listing does have its advantages. It reminds me of all of the fun that two pregnant women and a man had in Vegas BABY!

My head in a cardboard cutout. Not quite sure why they had these, but yeah....That's me. You can't really tell, but it is. I like this picture because the cardboard hides my fatness. Yes, I was pregnant, but I was still fat and therefore did not photograph well when there was no cardboard person to hide my body.
This happy lad is Mike. Again, what's with the cardboard cutout people?

And this is Ninja Lola! Hiy-ya! She will ninja chop you in half she will! many memories. Not all of them good. Actually, most of them not good. It isn't fun going to a convention when you are pregnant and still have severe morning sickness and have to barf up your breakfast in a public restroom....while other women ask "Are you okay sweetie?" or "Do we need to get someone for you?" or "Do you need any help?" (that was my personal fave....yes, I would like some help getting rid of my breakfast! Thanks for asking!)

Or eating lunch at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville........and ending up running down the hall to your hotel room, door key in hand, yelling something that I won't write here (due to choice wordage used) back at your roomie Lola and your husband Mike.

I think my favorite memory of the whole trip though was Mike initially finding out, after we had reserved the hotel room and bought the convention tickets, that he would be attending with two Preggo's. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ooh! Or squishing Lola into the back seat of the Saturn that doesn't lock into place all the way, with all of our luggage (it's a 2-door car, by the way). Sorry Lola! I still feel bad about that! But at least I am short and you had some legroom behind my chair! :)

Anyway, just thought I would reminisce a little about past ebay experiences.....while I curse my current ones. Well, off to do more listing! Lots to do, not a whole lotta time to do it in! Check out my ebay store if you don't believe me. No! I'm serious! Go there NOW! hehehe:)


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