Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We have reached several milestones this week. First of all, Marshy-marsh knows the difference between Puppy, and everything else (for the most part). And, Puppy now will hold his attention as long as it is on TV. For example, the new Disney movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua held his attention for the whole time. In fact, he was so excited about so many Puppies on TV that he yelled "PUPPY!" the whole 30 seconds.

The second milestone we reached was at meal time. Marshy-marsh will actually eat food now! YAY!! He absolutely LOVES red grapes. In fact, he can't get enough. This is such a relief, since at his last visit, Dr. Savage stressed the importance of making him eat fruits and vegetables. Now, how you MAKE a 1-year old eat something is beyond me, especially when they are as strong as Marshy is (have any doubts about his strength? Just ask Lola....she helped hold him down at the hospital several months ago.)

The third milestone we reached was at bath time. Marshy took his first bath ever without his bath guard! YAY!!

Mommy had to strategically place some items to make this picture G-rated.
And of course, we had to get a shot of that great smile. Marshy just loves to ham it up for the camera!
And then of course, playing with his cups in the tub. He is so smart, he can put them all in order from biggest to smallest. WOW!

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Kathi D said...

He's ready for college now!