Monday, May 26, 2008

Sadly Released

Mike and I were released from our church callings yesterday. I am not so disappointed to be calling-less for the time being. Maybe I'll actually get to go to Sunday school and Relief Society after spending 3 years involved in primary, and waiting for Marshy to get into Nursery (which, consequently still does not have a new nursery leader, so I ended up having to stay in there the whole time instead of going to class yesterday!).

Mike was involved with the Venture Scouting. When they called him to be the assistant they asked him if he was willing to give at least a ten year commitment. He said he was. They knew we were going to be moving shortly, but that we were building within the ward boundaries and would still be attending the ward. Well, he is now released, and the guy they put in instead plays arena football or something like that. ALSO, they waited until the leaders and scouts were done with Scuba classes to release Mike and put this new guy in.....not really the smartest thing because now they have a leader who won't be able to Scuba dive with them. Dumb!

Mike is really sad to be released. This was his favorite calling. He got to hang out with his brother, Scott, and do all sorts of fun things. I on the other hand, am kind of happy. I felt like I had too much to do, and not enough time.....maybe it's the over-active 1 year old I have running around my house.

I was in the Cub Scouts, and honestly maybe only went to 3 or 4 den meetings in the short time that I was in there. Den meetings were easier, when I remembered to go. I was Lola's assistant, and Lola, I'm sorry I wasn't there very much!

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